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Lonna Mosow, A Pioneer in the Twin Cities Fitness Movement

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With a mission statement of “helping shape people’s lives,” Lonna Mosow, owner and founder of Center for Mind Body Fitness, takes health, wellness and personal fitness very seriously.

An entrepreneur and pioneer in the fitness movement, Lonna has been dubbed the Mother of Twin Cities Fitness, the Maven of Movement and the Queen of Lean. This fiery businesswoman has spent the last 40 years cultivating and growing a one-of-a-kind facility that specializes in cutting-edge exercise with health and wellness programs for body, mind and spirit. “We offer everything you’d expect in a fitness center, including designer classes, personal training, the Pilates Method, GYROTONIC® and the Original Barre Class designed more than 30 years ago,” she shared. “We are the ‘big-club alternative.’”

Lonna’s passion for fitness and wellness didn’t always take center-stage in her life. During her college years she majored in anthropology and archeology with a minor in dance. “Even at a young age I loved to dance,” she revealed. “I studied as a serious dancer for years, studying here as well as with ballet schools in Toronto and New York. But one day I realized that I didn’t have the tough skin for the cut-throat world of professional dance. My practical side won and I found myself back in Minnesota working at various corporate jobs. It didn’t take long for me to recognize how much I missed movement. An opportunity came along to do a TV fitness program on Channel 11, so for 12 years I was on air and able to live my dream of shaping the Twin Cities.”

Following this dream and desire, Lonna is exceptionally proud to have pioneered the Twin Cities fitness movement by opening the city’s first workout studio in 1974. “I had a dream of opening a fitness studio in the 1970s but had trouble finding anyone who would rent space to me,” she remembered. “Building owners couldn’t understand why people would want to exercise out in public when they could work out at home. Perseverance paid off and the Twin Cities’ first workout studio, Lonna Mosow’s Hot Workouts, was born. I introduced new workouts like Steps, Spinning and Boot Camp classes that were all considered the Twin Cities’ best workouts. I later introduced the Twin Cities to the Pilates Method in 1989 and GYROTONIC in 1998 and I’ve been working to shape people’s lives ever since.”

Named one of the 100 best trainers by Men’s Magazine, Lonna has spent many years sharing her vast knowledge and skills with others. Her teaching skills are experienced by hundreds of would-be teachers who come from all over the country to attend her teacher training workshops. Her teacher training certification program is a nationally recognized program for certifying Pilates and GYROTONIC teachers.

Lonna’s current staff of twelve includes exercise specialists, certified personal trainers, physical therapists and a nutritionist. Not only is this group of certified master trainers among the most experienced and skilled team of professionals in the Twin Cities, collectively they represent more than 75 years of teaching health, fitness and wellness.

“Our clients know they can put their trust in the Center for Mind Body Fitness staff. Many clients have been with us for well over 20 years,” Lonna affirmed. “My staff and I have always focused on three critical components with all of our clients: keeping the client safe in their exercise with no collateral damage; exercise that is efficient and appropriate for each and every client; exercise that is effective to maximize their time and make every moment and movement count. We have people come to us who are struggling with injuries or imbalances from years of incorrect exercise practices. We are a ‘body shop’ with a reputation for ‘fixing bodies.’ Our reputation is acknowledged by many in the medical community who often refer their patients to us. Our physical therapists play a significant role at the Center, working with doctor referrals for instructing therapeutic Pilates as well as consulting on everyday repetitive action injuries, age-related diseases and general muscle imbalances.”

What’s the most rewarding part of Lonna’s day? “After 40 years in the fitness industry, I’m just as dedicated as the day I started helping to shape people’s lives,” she noted. “Sharing in a client’s success is by far the best part of what I do. I love being part of the journey, especially with those who have started virtually at zero and have aspired to higher goals for themselves. When a client finishes a session, there are occasions that we both have a tear or two for the feeling of accomplishment. Fitness happens one step at a time; no matter how small or large that first step may be, it is the beginning of a great journey for the both of us. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I can be there every step of the way. At the core of the Center for Mind Body Fitness is a staff of care givers to those who care about their health and fitness.” HLM

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