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Golf Pro Kay McMahon Makes Golf Simple

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Kay McMahon brings new meaning to the “hole” sport of golf. Wholely! With 30 years of playing, learning, breathing and teaching the sport, she knows the art of golfing. Over those 3 decades, she has seen that many people think golf is unapproachable or too hard to learn. Kay is here to show everyone that golf is easy to learn in just 8.5-or eight-and-a-half-steps, with eduKaytion Golf’s Winter tour stop at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Minneapolis, beginning February 21.

Over the pas 14 years, Kay established and branded eduKaytion Golf as a leader in golf education, dedicated to quality instruction based on her simplistic approach that is now trademarked as Golf 8.5. “The highly successful  8.5 training technique has evolved over my years of teaching. I believe the traditional way of teaching golf has somewhat worked, yet it seems it causes people to think that ‘golf is hard!’ or that ‘there are too many things to think about or do.’ Therefore, I came up with a way to make it simple, because it is simple,” Kay affirmed. “There are only 4 things to do before the swing and then there are only 4.5 things to do in the swing. The traditional 1.001 things or tips that are often heard are reduced to the empirical formula of only 8.5. We have a very high success rate and people can actually learn and/or change rapidly. Everyone comes away saying, ‘but it’s so simple!'”

Kay grew up in Hopkins, Minnesota, attended St. Margaret’s Academy, and graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a BS degree in physical education and health. Although she didn’t  play collegiate golf, playing the sport with her family remained a big part of the picture. “My fondest memories growing up in Minnesota is that Minnesota has all four seasons. And every season brought with it a different ‘play activity.’ in the summer, Dad built a three-hole little golf course around the house where for a dime all the neighbor kids played golf. For nine holes it was a penny a hole and a penny for the club. We sold lemonade at the turn in the garage and we turned into entrepreneurs because Mom made the lemonade and we kept the money. As we grew up there was always a lot of family golf, tennis, horseback riding, swimming, sledding, ice skating, skiing, and even baling hay on our small farm outside of Hopkins.

“I won two Minnesota State Publink Amateurs on the city courses, yet growing up playing Wayzata Country Club with Home Martinson, Head Golf Professional, will still remain my favorite of Minnesota courses,” Kay shared. “Taking lessons from Les Bolstad at the University of Minnesota, as well as watching and knowing Patty Berg of Interlachen through my career, have also been fond and memorable career highlights. My overall favorite golf course is still Pebble Beach. Before turning professional, I was fortunate to play the California State Amateur there for several years. And just to make the world envious, the entry fee then was only $25, which guaranteed you at leas four to five rounds each year.

For more than 23 years Kay taught in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, California. She joined the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Membership in 1976, and several years later became involved in leadership roles. “One of my mentors, Shirley Spork, a founding member of the LPGA, got me involved in the education and certification programs for the Teaching and Club Professional Membership. I have served as Western Section Vice President and President, and as the National LPGA T&CPM President from 1998 to 1999,” she expressed.

Why should you learn to play golf from Kay? “I make it understandable, simple and put it into user-friendly language,” she noted. “Traditional terminology is thrown out the window and we use language built around common, everyday analogies. Many women feel more comfortable taking lessons from another woman, yet I have just as many mend and juniors taking lessons.

“Our motto is ‘Golfers  are made in the off-season!’ The concept that golf is hard or that it becomes too complicated, or that in taking lessons you will get worse before you get better, is not true. Golf 8.5 will prove that golf is simple and doable. You will walk away with a totally new and clear understanding of how to self correct, rather than self destruct. We guarantee it.”

Kay and eduKaytion Golf are stepping up the message in 2015 with Golf 8.5, and Minneapolis is a natural tour stop. “Minneapolis is still home,” Kay remarked. “And Minnesotans are active year round and love golf. So offering golf in the winter time here falls right into our theme. Minnesota just had to be counted in our inaugural year. It is the perfect spot.

“We want more people-and especially more women-to have access to the game of a lifetime,” She smiled. “It’s simple.” HLM

Visit and click on the Golf 8.5 Winter Tour for the Minneapolis workshop dates. Like them on Facebook at; find the program on YouTube at youtube.come/edukaytiongolf. On Twitter, follow @edukaytionfolf