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Building A Love Foundation

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“In all cases, I believe it’s crucial to honor who you are and what you deserve. Being able to ‘know and love yourself first, then you can live others’ may sound cliché, but it truly is key in all relationship success in life and where most miss out.”

Relationship expert, celebrity life coach, advice columnist, author, television host, entrepreneur, change-maker, elite matchmaker and Love Architect: all are words that describe the life and business of Twin Citian Kailen Rosenberg. As a veteran in the business of love for more than 20 years, her focus is on helping people experience love on a global level and teaching her clients how to experience healthy, long-term relationships based on authentic, genuine love.

What is a Love Architect? “I am someone who comes into people’s lives, whether they are married or single, and teaches them how to build the love life that they deserve,” Kailen informed. “I help each client create a foundation that is healthy and one that includes openness and honesty. I firmly believe that relationships need a strong foundation in order to flourish and thrive. Relationships are like buildings; if a strong foundation is missing, everything built on top of it will be unstable. Sometimes the walls within our relationships are toxic and need to be torn down and replaced by healthy ones. I help my clients build that foundation and find the happiness in relationships that they deserve.”

Kailen admits her “aha” moment in choosing this unique career path began many years ago when she was a little girl being raised by her grandparents. “My grandparents had a really beautiful union of marriage and friendship,” she remembered. “Now I realize that their relationship back then was the kind that many couples dream of having now. Their marriage was filled with respect, admiration and commitment. On the flipside, my mother had a very free-spirited, hippie-like view of love and how it should be shared with everyone, which unfortunately led her to men who weren’t exactly the best for her. At a young age I saw two very different black-and-white examples of love, which inspired me to want to learn more about what true love was.”

Things were not all smooth sailing; just as Kailen was entering her teenage years, a life-changing event occurred. “When I was 12 my grandparents decided to spend more time in Florida, but I wanted to stay in Minnesota and be close to my school and friends,” she revealed. “It was at that time that my mom came back into my life and for the first time she and I lived together full time as mother and daughter. It didn’t work out as I had hoped, and I was removed from her home and placed at St. Joseph’s Home for Children. It was a traumatic event that also revealed to me the other side of life and love. I’ll never forget my roommate at St. Joseph’s. She was a homeless 13-year-old prostitute who had been found wandering the streets. As I sat with tears in my eyes and listened to her story, I knew that she had never once experienced love, the type of family love that I had been blessed with from my grandparents. I was extremely humbled and could feel her pain. At a time when teenager girls tended to be catty and rude, I just wanted to show this young girl love, sisterly love. I wanted her to know she had value, that she was beautiful and that she would have happiness and love in her life, no matter what. After a month, I left St. Joseph’s and went into foster care, but I took that deep sense of compassion and empathy for others with me.”

Kailen is incredibly grateful for the lessons learned during this and other challenging phases in her life, and she encourages others to pull strength and inspiration from her story. “I know there are many people who have shame because they feel they don’t come from the perfect life. They feel that, because they didn’t come from money or a certain educational background that they don’t have much of a chance or that that they may never amount to anything. It’s my hope that they see where I’ve come from in childhood, along with being someone who’s experienced being a divorced and single mom, to where I am now, and they will see that it is absolutely possible to experience your greatest dreams, to be truly happy and to have beautiful love.”

Fueled by her life lessons and desire to help others, and after spending 15 years in the dating and coaching business, Kailen created another successful business, The Love Architects™, in 2009. As a Masters Certified Life, Love and Relationship Coach, a renowned relationship expert and Oprah Winfrey’s official Love Ambassador, Kailen has made love her business and endeavors to bring healthy and happy relationships into this world, one successful single person, married couple and family at a time.

“The greatest misconception about my business is that it’s a dating and matchmaking service, when in fact the work that The Love Architects does is about love on a universal level,” Kailen advised. “It’s about teaching people how to love themselves first, thus how to love others, especially when the right one comes along. My clients include successful singles seeking their soul mates, married couples, people in crisis and entire family units. In all cases, I believe it’s crucial to honor who you are and what you deserve. Being able to ‘know and love yourself first, then you can love others’ may sound cliché, but it truly is key in all relationship success in life and where most miss out. I think the hardest part for people who are trying to form a better relationship is allowing themselves to be raw, real and vulnerable. Being able to answer the tough questions as to why it is hard for them to ‘get love right’ is where help and guidance from experts like The Love Architects team and me can be so life changing.”

Kailen’s aspiration for helping others extends beyond the walls of The Love Architects office. Her wildly popular podcast, The Love Happy Hour on the Tom Barnard Network (on iTunes and Libsyn), serves up a fresh take and sound advice on love, life and everything in between to loyal listeners. Her highly acclaimed book Real Love Right Now was released in September 2013 and is touted as a 30-day blueprint for finding your soul mate. Her latest venture, The Little Pink Book by Kai-len, is a private, online community of hand-selected, healthy-minded, successful, relationship-ready singles who are ready for a new approach to finding love. “In the age of online dating and social media, the greatest thing people seek now is truth and authenticity.” she noted. “The trend of the future is verified and truthful dating services, sites and apps that allow people to trust first, and then fall in love.” Kailen has also contributed her message of love in more than 400 print, online, radio and television interviews including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, CBS Radio, Public Radio East, Huffington Post, The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Lifetime TV’s The Daytime Show and many more. All of these successes led to one of her proudest career moments, being selected by the Oprah Winfrey Network to star alongside Oprah herself in a very special, award-winning television series called Lovetown, USA.

Kailen attributes her success to the inspiration and guidance that come from those who are closest to her. She and her husband, Lance, have been married for 13 years and together share three wonderful sons. “Lance is an amazing man. I’ve grown, and have grown up, a lot since we’ve been together, and that’s because of him,” she confirmed. “In many ways, he’s the co-relationship expert in our lives because I have learned so much from him and through him. Like any couple, we’ve had tough times, but we could never grow apart as much as we have grown together. We’ve learned that we need to humble ourselves enough to not always have to be right. We focus on what it is we need to learn, especially about ourselves, to keep our relationship strong and healthy.” As an entrepreneur focused on love, Kailen continues to explore a variety of avenues and ventures that come her way to share her message of healthy relationships. “I am committed to spreading the truth on what keeps us from love and, most importantly, how to change it, so we can all have amazing love in our lives.”

In 2015, Kailen will take on three major roles in three separate projects focused on love, two of which involve national television and working alongside a client who happens to be a celebrity. She also has signed on to be the chief spokesperson and matchmaker for a new online matchmaking and dating app called SparkStarter. “I’m incredibly humbled by each and every opportunity that continues to come my way,” she added. “It’s an honor each and every time I have the chance to teach someone how to have joyful love in their life. I have a very strong faith in God and I believe He created this path for me to take. I couldn’t be more grateful and blessed, and I can’t wait to see where the path unfolds next.” HLM 

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