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Traveling Trainers: Fitness at Your Doorstep

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You start out with the best of intentions; it’s time to drop a few pounds and get into better shape. You head to a neighborhood gym and sign up for a membership. The first month it’s no problem going, but the next month work and family schedules shift your time at the gym to the back burner. In another few weeks, you stop going at all.

To ensure success with your overall fitness and wellness efforts, talk with Traveling Trainers, which offers on-demand, nationally certified personal trainers who come to you. “I started Traveling Trainers in 2016. I used to work in a gym and many of the clients were up and down with their routines, or they simply became too busy to train in the gym. It sparked a light in me,” recalled owner JaCory Marshall.

“How can I make working out more efficient, comfortable, trainable and affordable? Then it hit me: why not bring fitness to them at the home, office, park or wherever they’re the most comfortable? And we’ll bring the workout equipment with us. We’ll come at a time mutually agreed upon with the goal to change the client’s overall health and wellness.”

If you’ve got a space of at least six by six feet square, Traveling Trainers can bring the trainer to you, with an intense focus on improving your mind, body and spirit through a balance of activities throughout your day. It’s easy for you to stay committed and focused on your wellness goals with on-site personal training. Trainers are nationally certified and deeply understand the science of the body as you develop into a new you. Whether you’re getting a great workout, eating something simple and nutritious or resetting your mind through meditation, Traveling Trainers is here to assist you on your wellness journey, whether that’s in the privacy of your home, office, park or club.

“Our first session is a free, one-hour consultation and a preview of a workout session. Together, we figure out the person’s life, routines, stressors and diet,” revealed the Lenexa, Kansas, businessman. “Most importantly, we discuss how frequently they need to work out each week and then we formulate the best date and time to work out. With everyone’s busy lives, we should make it a priority to take some time for ourselves and reduce those stress hormones.”

Traveling Trainers is committed to focusing on their client’s individualized needs as their trainer develops a customized plan for every person. “We listen to our clients, take down everything they want to achieve and bring our expertise to achieve their goal in a healthy way through exercise, accountability and diet. Nutritional counseling is a segment as well,” noted JaCory. “In addition, we offer massage therapy and bring it to the home.”

Prices are very competitive at Traveling Trainers and based on frequency. JaCory reports that the most popular setup with clients is the 30-minute session, twice a week, although trainers can easily move to a 60-minute session and up to three times a week. For one session, the cost is $35, however, two sessions per week would be reduced to a total of $60. “You can sign a three-, six- or one-year contract. We consider a three-month contract a trial and that’s what most people initially sign up for,” stated JaCory. “We start with body fat calculations, weight, pictures, body measurements as a baseline and then once a month we’ll assess your progress on those toned arms, slim waist, muscle build and nutrition goals. You can even talk with us about post-rehab exercises as we help elevate you back to your normal self.”

If you need extra motivation, Traveling Trainers offers the opportunity to have a friend train with you free. “The way we look at it, we’re there already so it’s simple to accommodate a second person,” stated JaCory. “You can even have a party to work out together. After the second free person, you can have add-ons at just $10 for a 30-minute session. It’s a great idea for bridal parties trying to look their best for the big day.”

Whether it’s one-on-one personal training guiding you on your fitness journey, duo or small group training offering a fun time to get together with friends, sports athletic training boosting you in a particular segment of sports, Traveling Trainers is there for you. Eighteen-and-under sessions address the special needs of a growing body, and nutritional training concentrates on how the right diet can help you improve your life.

“Traveling Trainers is a one-of-a-kind, all-around wellness plan dealing with fitness, nutrition and wellness with massage service,” shared JaCory. “We’re more efficient, comfortable, trainable and affordable than many options out there for on-site services. At Traveling Trainers, we’re all about wellness first.” 

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