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TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 119th: Fitness for Your Lifestyle

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Want to kick off a great workout while punching out some great moves and burning lots of calories? Visit TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 119th, the first Title Boxing Club franchise in the country, which opened in 2008 and now features a brand-new look.

“In each workout, you’ll burn up to a thousand calories and strengthen your core muscles,” noted Kim Conner, owner. “It’s a family environment with family and individual memberships. All fitness levels are welcome, from experts to beginners. In fact, we have two ladies in their 80s who work out here. We push each other to do better. It’s just fun, and it’s not like anything else.”

Knock Out Calories
Referred to as a fitness club with a punch, TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 119th offers a whole fitness workout designed to burn calories, helping participants lose weight and gain confidence. It features non-contact, boxing and kickboxing classes led by professional trainers. Each participant uses their own 100-pound punching bag. In addition to group fitness classes, TITLE Boxing Club also offers personal training sessions.

“Our training is for everyone at any level because it’s between you and the bag, with the trainer giving direction,” shared Kim, an Overland Park, Kansas, resident. “With each new member, we do a complimentary consultation with a trainer, taking between 30 minutes to an hour. The trainer works with them on how to properly throw punches and do footwork. We want our members to understand what they’re doing, feel more confident and remove the intimidation.” Kim states that another part of the member on-boarding process includes discussing an individual’s fitness goals and giving them a booklet to journal about their next 90 days.

Fresh Atmosphere
Even though the focus is on boxing, TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 119th isn’t a dark and dank gym with a foreboding look and feel. The facility is newly renovated, with a sleek and fresh environment. “We just underwent a complete remodel in November 2016. It’s absolutely beautiful, new and refreshed with a more contemporary look,” commented Kim. “It’s sharp looking and inviting, with laminate floors, lockers, a trainer’s circle, murals on the walls and more. There’s a 360-degree virtual tour on the web so you can look at the club before you come in.”

TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park119th offers over three dozen unlimited classes each week with flexible membership plans designed to work with your lifestyle and budget. In addition to memberships, TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 119th also hosts private events, including classes for parties, team building sessions and fundraising classes for sports teams and charities.

“It’s you versus the bag. There’s no sparring; you don’t hit others. Each person gets their own bag, and the class is led by a certified trainer,” remarked Kim. “There’s a 15-minute warm up. Thirty minutes of boxing–eight three-minute rounds with one minute of active rest in between. The last 15 minutes is cool down for ab work, stretching and to bring the heart rate down.”

You’ll learn from the best. All trainers at TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 119th are professionals, certified through Title Boxing Club, although some have additional certifications. Each has a passion for boxing and is dedicated to helping the members.

Rock Steady Boxing
This assistance extends to the community as well. TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 119th is a Rock Steady Boxing affiliate, offering boxing-inspired fitness classes to help individuals battling Parkinson’s disease. “Jason Campbell, our general manager, is certified to teach our Rock Steady Boxing classes for people with Parkinson’s disease. Studies have shown that boxing can help delay or reverse the progression of the disease by helping with balance and building strength in the core, arms and legs,” revealed Kim. “We evaluate participants in the beginning and reevaluate them every few months. It’s just amazing to see the progression.”

Kim advises that if you travel with your TITLE Boxing Club membership, you receive a discounted drop-in rate at other TITLE Boxing Club facilities as a benefit. With hundreds of locations across the country, there’s a good chance you’ll be close to a facility. She suggests downloading the MINDBODY® app for your phone or desktop as an option to help you stay on top of your health, fitness and beauty regimen. You can register on the app for your First Shot Free class at TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 119th and purchase class packages to easily start your fitness journey.

“We’re not a gym; we are a club made up of a family,” advised Kim. “With membership at other gyms or fitness facilities, the number one reason customers don’t see success is because they don’t stick with it. The accountability isn’t there. At TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 119th, some members have been coming for eight years. We genuinely care about you and want you to succeed. It’s a fun way to get in shape, empower yourself, meet people and become part of a community.” ■

To learn more, visit the facility at 7812 W 119th St, Overland Park, Kansas, or the website at