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The Hemp Haus: A Variety of CBD Products are Changing the Quality of Life for Many

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CBD, or cannabidiol, can address a long list of disorders including pain, sleep and other ailments. Cannabidiol is derived from cannabis sativa in the form of hemp. But CBD features non-intoxicating properties while delivering impressive calming and analgesic effects.

As more people discover the improvements, demand is exploding. Thousands of CBD products consisting of oils, tinctures, vaporization liquids and pills are now widely available in stores and online. According to Brightfield Group researchers, estimates show CBD usage growing sevenfold by 2021 to $2.15 billion from about $292 million in 2016. Unfortunately, this explosion cultivates companies looking to generate profits rather than ensuring an improved lifestyle for customers. That’s why those in the KC metro should trust The Hemp Haus for the highest quality CBD.

Ananda Hemp has been the leader in the CBD field for decades, led in part by Dr. Alex Capano, the first Ananda Hemp Comprehensive DNP in Cannabis in the United States. She’s a nurse practitioner with a degree in neuroscience; her doctoral degree is focused on the clinical and research arm of medical cannabis.

Helpful Formulations
“CBD works and it works for so many people. There’s no risk of addiction and no withdrawal. It’s safe and helps many people in alleviating a variety of symptoms such as pain, anxiety and sleep issues,” noted Dr. Capano. “It can offer outstanding benefits without side effects. CBD leaves patients without a dependency, and they can get it over the counter.”

According to Dr. Capano, the various formulations of CBD can address a variety of problems for many, from children to the elderly, and especially women. Fibromyalgia is much more prevalent in females, and CBD is being used to address the intense levels of pain women can experience. Recent studies show over 60 percent of the women prescribed cannabinoids said they were effective in relieving pain while only about 10 percent found relief from other prescription medications. In fact, many are foregoing prescriptions meds for the relief delivered by CBD and its full spectrum of oils.

“Women have a lot of responsibilities and stress, which can bring sleep disturbances and anxiety, and CBD is an option to address those issues. We can also use CBD for menstrual cramps, endometriosis pain and migraines,” said Dr. Capano. “In fact, we’ve just released a new treatment for sexual and reproductive issues. It’s an intimate oil specifically created for women experiencing pain and dryness during sex while increasing pleasure. It’s pH-balanced, organic and free of residual sugars, applied topically or internally.”

Skin Renewal
As scientists and researchers continue to develop formulations, even more applications are being created to help women achieve a medical or lifestyle improvement. Dr. Capano points to exciting opportunities to further unlock the promise CBD can bring.

“There’s the potential for health and beauty products to treat acne, wrinkles and age spots. These all-natural products make women feel good about where they come from and what they do,” she noted. “We’re seeing CBD as an option in topical use for the itchy, scaly skin resulting from eczema and psoriasis.”

The Hemp Haus carries CBD- and an EGF-, or epidermal growth factor, infused active botanical essence product under the brand name of Kana Skincare, whose website notes, “Kana’s active botanical essence includes calming lavender and alluring rose scents which create the perfect way to begin or end the day. A wide variety of natural ingredients such as hemp phytoannbinoid (full spectrum CBD), licorice root extract, echinacea, beta glucan and Roman chamomile flower water work together to combat free radicals and prevent signs of aging. EGF stimulates skin renewal at a higher level. Tighter, plumper healthier skin can be yours.”

“I use this product [EGF] every morning, and my smiles lines have almost disappeared. Thanks, Kana,” stated Carrie Bingham.

“I have suffered from acne since high school. I can honestly say the lavender hemp sleeping mask has changed my life. I can confidently not wear makeup thanks to Kana,” shared Monica Guy.

Providing Knowledge
To learn about the healing potential CBD can have for anyone, visit the knowledgeable staff at The Hemp Haus and try one of the many products featuring Ananda Hemp. “We want customers to feel empowered in having the knowledge to select the right product and not waste their money on companies that aren’t transparent,” promised Dr. Capano.

“Our CBD products work for most people and really improve lives. It doesn’t hurt you because there are very rare, mild side effects if taken in large doses and you can’t overdose or be addicted. It’s not a magic bullet for every person and every condition, but the odds are in your favor that most likely CBD will improve your quality of life.”

Visit The Hemp Haus at 1708 West 39th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, or