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Spotlight on Gallery V

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Gallery V


When she was a small child, Valerie Phillips experienced “electric dreams” in neon color of fluid objects, along the lines of Disney’s Fantasia. So powerful, these dreams would wake her from sleep. Night after night, she placed paper and crayons along her bedside in an attempt to capture these beautiful images from inside her head.

In kindergarten, she created artwork so impressive her teacher actually left the classroom to go to the principal’s office, showing off her creation. Valerie told her young classmates that one day she would be an artist; they replied that she already was.


The Music of the Soul

“I’ve always had a strong creative side that was very different from others because I was so sensory driven,” remembered Valerie. “The senses are the way we take pleasure in the world’s utmost beauty. Through sight, touch, taste, sound and smell, I would experience these very powerful visions. Now, having a gallery space is realizing one of those

visions, enabling people to connect. For me, art is the music of the soul.”

Gallery V (pronounced “Gallery FIVE”) is a retail gallery located at Mission Farms West in Overland Park, Kansas. Every creation that Valerie carries is a skillfully crafted fine art original by one of her featured artists. The collection is composed of a variety of media, such as paintings, sculpture, glass, ceramics, jewelry and hand-

crafted gift items. At Gallery V Fine Arts, Valerie showcases national and international masters along with remarkable KC talent. She prides herself on finding what is uniquely different and art her clients will enjoy.


Personal Self-Expression

“Gallery V has emerged into a new form of total self-

expression. After 16 years in the gallery industry, I combined my professional art and design background with a slice of my own personality,” she stated. “My customers will find I’ve created a gallery experience to be enjoyed on an exciting new level in a beautiful new way.”

Her artistic resume is impressive with more than 20 years of experience in the art and design industry. She received her bachelor’s of fine arts degre in graphic design from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s School of Art and Design. After graduation, Valerie joined FleishmanHillard Inc., where she handled the graphic design accounts for its top client, Anheuser-Busch and its subsidiaries. She also designed for Ackerman, Hood and McQueen and worked as a freelance makeup artist for three leading cosmetic companies. Over the past 15 years, Valerie has managed three independent art galleries in the KC area.


Deep Symbolism

With Gallery V, Valerie has guided her creation since the beginning, starting with construction in the latter part of 2014. Carefully and thoughtfully, she designed the entire space, paying particular attention to shapes, colors, lighting and structure. In February 2015, Gallery V hosted its grand opening.

The symbolism surrounding her gallery is extensive, beginning with the name. The “V” in Gallery V, of course, stands for Valerie, but it goes much deeper. It also refers to the Roman numeral five, which contains multiple meanings for Valerie. “It’s very symbolic of my path in life and who I am today. I was one of five siblings in a very artistic and musical family,” she revealed. “In my logo, the V is a very expressive Roman numeral five, which not only represents my family but also my own expressive nature. And lastly, it stands for the five senses through which we experience beauty in our world.”

Valerie’s expressionism is evident throughout her gallery. A grand piano in the center of the room, framed by a flowing river of stones embedded in the floor, represents her family’s delightful custom of gathering around the piano to sing and play other instruments. You can find her charming personality in every square inch of this amazing gallery, which changes on occasion to

reflect the seasons and featured artists.


Welcome and Open to Guests

“Gallery V offers approximately four to six large shows or special events per year,” she remarked. “My specialty is representing approximately 30 established professional artists with whom I have exclusive relationships for the Kansas City area. These artists

span from a regional to national and international level. Gallery V will also offer public workshops as a way to grow local appreciation and knowledge for the arts.”

Gallery hours fit many schedules and, of course, appointments can be made. Valerie enjoys home consultations for custom tailoring a client’s art preference with their personality and interior space.

“As I was growing up, my mom said that I could take anything and turn it into something!” enthused Valerie. “My spirit is all over Gallery V. It’s so joyful to walk into this building every day and look at the work of these artists whom I enjoy so much. I want my guests to feel that same joy.” HLM


Visit the gallery at 4020 Indian Creek Pkwy, Overland Park, Kansas, the website at or call 913-341-3483.