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Santa Fe Tow: Safety on Call 24/7/365

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Your vehicle has just broken down on the side of the interstate. Through the windshield you see nothing but stars in the skies and headlights racing past you. The kids are getting antsy in the backseat, and your anxiety increases.

Take the worry out of a common situation. Use your cell phone and call the folks at Santa Fe Tow, a family-owned and operated business, to get your car and your family to safety quickly and efficiently. With its highly trained, professional workforce, you can rest assured that everything will be fine.

“We have seven family members working here. Two of our three children are involved in the day-to-day operations of running the business and two of my sisters are 20-plus-year employees. My brother-in-law is our safety director. Even my 99-year-old dad, Stan, visits the facility on a daily basis, just to see the family,” shared Jon Kupchin, owner, Santa Fe Tow. “Having a family-run business makes a big difference for our customers.”

“That family atmosphere extends to our tow truck operators as well,” noted Carrie Kupchin, Jon’s wife and owner of Santa Fe Tow. “We train them to approach every job with the thought, ‘How would your mother or wife want to be served?’ Of course, the answer is with courtesy and respect.”

Santa Fe Tow offers two locations in the KC-metro, the recently opened Blue Springs, Missouri, and Lenexa, Kansas, and two others in Joplin, Missouri, and Quapaw, Oklahoma. With Santa Fe Tow, you’re served by a superior company with a stellar reputation that’s able to perform any task from full-service tows, changing a flat tire or simply refilling an empty gas tank. Your needs are covered with a quick call to Santa Fe Tow.

A workforce of 65 employees successfully moves an average of 4,500 cars, trucks, tractor trailers and equipment each month. Its expansive fleet of trucks, from light to heavy-duty, can move anything from a standard family vehicle, a low-profile car with ground effects to all-wheel-drive SUVs. At Santa Fe Tow, they just don’t want to tow your vehicle; they want to tow it right and get you back on the road again.

“Our drivers are uniformed, trained and deliver the highest possible level of professional service,” said Jon. “All have completed at least one or more certifications through industry-leading programs such as Towing and Recovery Association of America, Wreckmaster certification training program or the highly reputable Wes Wilburn program. To maintain the highest level of professional skill and safety awareness, these certifications are continually updated.”

“You can trust our employees because they’re expertly trained and certified. Every driver is a specialist,” commented Carrie. “We recommend that you add Santa Fe Tow to your phone contacts list so our number is available when you need it in an emergency situation. If you need a tow in the KC-metro, we can get to you quickly and get you on your way. Our dispatchers are available any time day or night, sending fully equipped vehicles for all situations.”

Remember, if you’re in an accident or your vehicle breaks down, Carrie and Jon advise that you have the right to call the towing service you want, not what’s suggested to you by first responders. “If you haven’t already called us, request Santa Fe Tow from the officer. It’s your vehicle and your right, unless the situation’s obstructing traffic,” stated Jon. “We can service most KC-metro municipalities within 20 minutes.”

For over 35 years, Santa Fe Tow has been providing the KC community with the most reliable and efficient services available in the tow, recovery and transportation industry. This crew is focused on giving you a quick, reliable tow with the fewest touches possible. Jon carefully built his company from a one-truck operation to the stellar business that it is today, supported by a fleet of over 80 trucks that offer diverse services, from the basic call to a large-scale recovery. Jon has overseen the development of his crew of certified drivers who will be dispatched to assist you. Jon, Carrie, their family and the workforce they call family are on call and dedicated to getting your family moving down the road.

“Be prepared for any situation when it comes to you and your disabled vehicle sitting alongside the road. You deserve to know who you’re doing business with,” stressed Carrie. “We want you to make that company Santa Fe Tow because we offer safe, reliable, efficient and effective service to meet your needs.”

“At Santa Fe Tow, things are great, business is great and our employees are great. We provide towing services 24/7, 365 days of the year, and we have a tow truck operator in your area. We want you to remember us as fast, courteous and professional,” remarked Jon. “Be prepared by having our number in your phone, and remember, we’re on the way.”

Visit or call 800-927-5201.