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Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa: The Healing Natural Balm of Salt

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In 2014, Terry Amerine was diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic at the age of 50. His immune system was attacking the cells in his pancreas, causing him to lose 25 pounds in just a few months, rendering him insulin dependent. While his health had never before been an issue, Terry is now laser-focused on wellness and the realization that good health should not be taken for granted.

“I was shocked with the diagnosis, but it became my catalyst. Finding natural solutions for health issues is now a passion for me, and with my wife and two sons, we’ve built a business using natural products to help others,” shared Terry. “We’re finding the most scientific ways, backed by solid clinical data. The two leading causes of illnesses are allergies and stress. Every aspect of Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa has been created to address both. That’s why we’re so excited offering it to the Kansas City community.”

Dry Salt Therapy
Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa, 7052 West 135th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, provides therapy for body and mind. It features halotherapy, the inhalation of salt-infused air in a controlled, micro-climate environment. Terry notes dry salt therapy is nothing new; it began with natural salt caves in Europe. For hundreds of years, it’s been used as a natural, safe alternative therapy for various respiratory and skin conditions.

“At Salinity, we use the latest halogenerator equipment to finely grind pharmaceutical-grade Himalayan salt into a micro-particle aerosol mist, giving you the maximum benefit during a treatment session,” commented Terry. “Our halo salt mist therapy is straightforward; all you need to do is breathe. You can come in your street clothes and don’t have to change. While you’re breathing, you’re breathing in anti-microbial salt particles and boosting your immune system.”

Halo salt mist therapy helps with bronchitis, sinusitis, colds and flu, ear infections, asthma, allergies, COPD, persistent dry cough and skin conditions such as acne, eczema and dermatitis. The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral halo salt mist therapy works because it’s extremely absorbent and acts as an expectorant. “If you’ve ever been to the beach, in a day or two, you realize you’re not blowing your nose, your eyes aren’t puffy and you’re not sniffling,” stated Terry. “At Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa, we’re bringing you into this environment but in a more  concentrated form.”

Ultimate Relaxation
The adult treatment room has been designed to carry you to some of the most exotic beaches in the world. High-level audio/visual equipment projects a 20-by-9-foot, high-quality image that enables you to relax as the waves lap at the beach and sounds dance across the room. Custom flooring gives the appearance of delicate white sand; ocean foam completes the illusion.

The room can be rented for a special get-together for your friends while doing a halo treatment. The projection system allows you to do a yoga or Pilates session with pals while benefiting from a halo salt mist treatment. For the little ones, Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa offers a children’s treatment room in which the floor is designed to look like a beach. A sandbox beckons with finely ground salt, and a specially designed magnetized dry erase wall allows children to engage their imaginations. As a bonus, Mom or Dad can be in the room and receive a treatment as well.

Float Stress Away
Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa also offers flotation treatment, often referred to as sensory deprivation therapy, with body-temperature water with a high concentration of Epsom salt. The room is 6’ by 9’ with a 9’ ceiling providing twinkling stars so guests can have the experience of “floating among the stars.” Terry says it gives just enough mental stimulation to enhance the experience. Flotation helps with pain by keeping weight off joints and reducing body and mind stress. This is why it’s popular with pregnant women.

Six- or 12-month memberships are available on an individual or family basis and provide significant savings compared to buying a single 30-minute therapy at $30. Gift cards are offered for spa services and the facility’s impressive retail product line, Get Salted, with scrubs, bath balms, Himalayan salt crystals to add to your daily water bottle and more.

“Our helpful, experienced staff at Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa is here to guide you,” noted Terry. “I’ve seen firsthand how our halo salt mist therapy can be very beneficial, offering a tremendous immune system boost and giving you a significant leg up on maintaining your health. We believe the environment will wow you, and you’ll walk away feeling energized, because what can be more relaxing and rejuvenating than spending 30 minutes on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.”

Visit the spa in Overland Park, or download the Salinity Spa app to schedule your appointment.