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Reflections Body Solutions: Personalized Treatment, Effective Results

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For over ten years, Dr. Greg Chambon has been on the leading edge of delivering the latest and most effective cosmetic procedures and treatments in the Kansas City metro and the Midwest region. His Reflections Body Solutions facility, 7824 West 119th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, is the area’s premier center for SmartLipo™, laser treatments and hair restoration for men and women.

Reflections Body Solutions is fairly unique to this market because it is a 100 percent physician-owned center, not run by businessmen. The facility is committed to delivering the safest and most effective treatments, performed by licensed laser technicians and aestheticians, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Meeting the Doctor First
“I’m on the front end of many cutting-edge treatments coming to Kansas City here at Reflections Body Solutions. Our goal is to find niche services that are less invasive with nice natural results,” noted Dr. Chambon. “We’re focused on delivering personal, quality and reputable care that you can trust. We treat each patient individually, with a highly personalized treatment plan.”

Dr. Chambon prides himself on being a Kansas City native, attending UMKC medical school. He has practiced family medicine for over 30 years and established Reflections Body Solutions, which marks nearly ten years in business. He provides highly personalized care by creating an individualized aesthetic plan designed to meet your needs. To have a better understanding of your treatment options, Dr. Chambon offers no-charge physician consultations.

“Our patients don’t know all the options available to them, so physician consults are free. We hope this opens the door for people to hear about options, ask questions and not feel like they’re spending money to simply get information,” he shared. “Many of my patients say they feel fortunate to meet with the physician rather than a salesperson.”

Melting Away Fat
One of the procedures Dr. Chambon may discuss with a patient is the amazing SmartLipo™, a minimally invasive treatment that permanently destroys fat cells. Most patients return to work within a few days and exercise after two weeks. Typically only one treatment is required. Results can begin to be seen within two weeks, with continued improvement over three to six months.

“Traditional liposuction is performed under general anesthesia, but not SmartLipo. Using local anesthesia, a laser wand melts the fat inside your body, which makes it easier to remove. The trauma of traditional liposuction is gone because we use smaller instruments that are less invasive,” Dr. Chambon remarked. “Down time is minimized, and there’s less risk. Treatment can target the neck and jowl, upper arms, abs, love handles, upper back, bra line area, outer and inner thighs, knees and the male chest.”

Rejuvenation Alternatives
To lift and tighten the face, Dr. Chambon offers a procedure called PDO Threads, one of the most effective ways to raise loose skin without facelift surgery. The procedure safely and instantly lifts loose skin with minimal down time. “PDO Threads pull and tighten skin,” Dr. Chambon commented. “Imagine me numbing a few spots on the face, and through a needle hole injecting the PDO Threads under the skin, lifting the skin in the direction desired, then snipping off the end of the threads. As your body breaks down the dissolvable threads, it will produce collagen along the lines so you get the residual effect due to its production. The results are incredible.”

In addition, Dr. Chambon is very excited about the positive results his patients have experienced with vaginal rejuvenation and the Ultra Femme 360™ treatment. “It’s a combination of radio frequency heat and ultrasound designed to stimulate the vaginal wall and muscle for toning and tightening. We can address stress incontinence and improve sexual function. It delivers the energy in 360 degrees, so we’re treating the entire circumference at the same level. And there’s no down time,” he stated. “For maximum benefit, we recommend a series of three treatments, which are designed to give you a nice result. However, continual changes from the aging process may necessitate a maintenance treatment plan.”

Feel At Home
Reflections Body Solutions is conveniently located just off 119th Street between Antioch and Blue Valley Parkway in Overland Park. The relaxing facilities are just the spot for you to realize your cosmetic procedure and treatment needs. “We’re about less invasive procedures and delivering excellent results. All procedures are done in our facility,” Dr. Chambon advised. “With our individualized and personalized care at Reflections Body Solutions, our patients often say they enjoy the family atmosphere and how comfortable they feel at Reflections. That is one of the greatest compliments we can ever receive.”

When it comes to looking and being your best, don’t you deserve the safest and most effective quality treatments? Visit Dr. Chambon at Reflections Body Solutions and develop your individualized plan today.

Visit Reflections Body Solutions at 7824 West 119th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, the website,, or call 913-322-3433.