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Natural High Wellness Center & Spa: Holistic Nutrition and Detoxification for Optimal Wellness

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It’s time to remove the taboo from discussing certain bodily functions.

Admit it. Who likes to talk about eliminating waste from the body? But for Angel Canady, owner of Natural High Wellness Center & Spa, it’s an everyday conversation between her and her clients who are looking for a better way to detox their bodies. For 15 years, Angel has been in the business that helps people go.

Body Cleanse
“At Natural High Wellness Center & Spa, we help people understand and activate their bodies’ natural cleaning mechanism. We’re all about the detox,” noted Angel. “Everyone’s body is capable of cleansing, but because of the toxins we’re bombarded with, the process is hindered.”

Angel describes our food as full of chemicals, preservatives and GMOs. Our water isn’t as pure as it could be. Then we add to the problem by coating our bodies with lotions and putting cosmetics on our faces. This slush of chemical goo is absorbed through our skin. “Everything we use on a daily basis isn’t as natural as things should be, and it’s hard to escape,” commented Angel. “Also, stress is a major toxin in our body. All of these together throw off the endocrine system and impact our hormones, thyroid and lead to constipation.”

Natural High Wellness Center & Spa, 2317 West 143rd Street, Leawood, Kansas, is the only comprehensive detox spa and wellness center in Kansas City. Colonics, massages, face and body treatments and other detox treatments are offered at this five-star facility, driven by the goal of loving you to health with healing services and outstanding staff. Walking through the door, you’ll feel comfortable, warm and welcomed into a world of total relaxation, cleansing and rejuvenation.

Achieving Better Health
“The colon is the sewage system of the body. If it’s underactive and full of toxins, it’s going to impact your body,” shared Angel. “Sixty-five to 75 percent of the immune system is in the intestines. It’s important to think about them to bring optimal health.”

Angel is a certified holistic nutritionist and colon therapist who administers colon hydrotherapy. Working with her clients, she educates them about the importance of cleansing as part of a regular healthy regimen. “I help them understand that what they’re putting in their bodies is critical to good health. I help clients develop ways to optimize their wellbeing by eliminating stress, to find a balance in life that allows for openings in creative outlets and to discover passion in their relationships,” she revealed. “It’s a holistic, all-inclusive approach, allowing me to enable people to find harmony on their journey to optimal health.”

During colon hydrotherapy, water irrigates the colon to loosen up accumulated waste that can harden along the walls. In a private room, clients lie on an inclined table, allowing water to flow in the rectum. When they feel full, they relax and empty out. “Many clients say it’s an interesting experience, and they feel rejuvenated and healthier. They realize a cleansing allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more easily,” she shared. “I recommend several sessions to get them at the right spot and then put them on a maintenance plan.”

Nutrition and Mindfulness
At Natural High Wellness Center & Spa, the staff isn’t only focused on what’s going out but also what’s going in. Angel and her team work with clients to develop a customized action strategy, focused on good nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and detoxification. “It depends on the individual, but my goal is to figure out what the clients need and develop an individualized plan. They shouldn’t depend on our services all the time,” she remarked.

“We want to get them to a point where they’re feeling better and on a maintenance plan. For some, that takes a few sessions, but for others it’s a longer journey to find their optimal wellness. It’s really about bio-individuality; everyone is unique and adapts to things differently. Each has a different view of health, wellness, needs and goals. We meet them where they are and help them nurture a loving, healthful relationship.”

Angel and her staff also call upon high-tech equipment to help the body detox. One of her favorites is the bio-mat, using far infrared heat and containing small amethyst crystals, known for their healing properties. “The bio-mat balances the body with a mild cleansing and helps with pain,” Angel noted. ‘Every client that lies on it says it feels amazing.”

Health in All Things
Mindfulness and spirituality are also an important part of the journey for Angel, and achieving a healthy lifestyle can be found in all things. “I believe God has put everything on this earth to heal ourselves, in our food, minerals and herbs. We can heal our bodies if we actively seek to put good things in our bodies,” Angel commented.

“Natural High Wellness Center& Spa is a place to come and feel comfortable, knowing we have your best interests at heart. We are about loving our clients to health as we make wellness and relaxation go hand in hand.” ■

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