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Make Your Home Unique with Motivo Designs

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Her dream came true, but then it doubled in size in less than a year.

Meet visionary Trista Miller, owner of Motivo Designs, experts in unique residential and commercial interior designs with a massive showroom in Overland Park, Kansas. “One year ago in October, I opened Motivo Designs, with just one employee. I told her that my dream was to double the size of this store in 12 months,” beamed Trista. “Now, we’re at a staff of eight full-time employees, and we’ve just moved into a facility that’s four times the size of our first store. Our dream is coming true.”

Unique Design Philosophy
And what a dream it is. The new showroom at 14469 Metcalf Avenue is brimming with unique pieces and design ideas. In fact, Trista and her team move through design groupings every four to six weeks as her inventory rapidly makes its way into clients’ homes in the KC-metro area.

“We try to keep very limited stock in each item so the inventory is constantly revolving and evolving. To fill that need, my staff and I attend markets throughout the country, three to six times a year, and we have a huge number of resources or vendors to order from to find that unique look for your home,” she noted. “Our staff is trained to locate products, meeting the needs of customers. We’re not a cookie-cutter design firm. I pride myself on doing things differently for every customer, from draperies to tile, flooring, blinds, custom furniture, upholstery and more. If the customer isn’t happy, then we haven’t done our job.”

Customized Design and Remodel
Whether it’s residential or commercial design, Motivo Designs is equipped for your interior design consultation, including remodeling and design-build work. With a price point of moderate to high end, Motivo Designs’ massive inventory and design capabilities can tackle your project. Trista prides herself on limited quantities of individual pieces on the showroom, ensuring the look you choose for your home is customized for you.

“I have product that the client can see and experience. In fact, they can purchase it immediately from the showroom,” she explained. “Because we limit the depth of each selection, we customize a client’s home and have them feel good about it. They won’t see their design in the home of a neighbor or friend.”

Growing Her Dream
Motivo Designs came about as Trista was entering a concerning point in her life. Divorced and a mother of four, she was driven by a goal of providing for her family. Building on her impressive 20 years of experience in the interior design business, she decided to reach for a new endeavor.

“I entered my career during the second stage of my life. It was a transitional time for me,” she recalled. “I was so goal driven because of my belief system and my family that I wanted more in life for them. Also, I wanted my kids to remember that you never quit when life goes south.”

Calling on her strong family values, Trista devised the name Motivo Designs, which has special meaning for her. “My ancestry is Sicilian, Italian and German,” she shared. “Because of our family heritage, I wanted a different name that stood out, something eclectic, unique, edgy, and that’s Motivo. It means design or decorate in Italian.”

The feeling of family also extends to the capable and experienced staff at Motivo Designs. Trista prides herself on offering an inclusive, warm environment for her employees. “My employees become my family. I’m not the boss; they tell me what I need to do and they keep me on track,” she laughed. “I get to do my dream job every day of the week, and I love what it does for my employees. They’re a key part of my growth. They voice their opinions, and I find great value in them.”

Create a New Space
With Motivo Designs, you’ll get the professional consultation you need from start to finish, giving you the results you want. The staff assists with everything, from custom designs and space planning to the placement of your furniture and color consultation. Whether you’re updating one room or completely redesigning your home, Motivo Designs offers the inspiration to unlock the potential of your space and reflect your own personal style.

“Whether you’re a single mom, family, bachelor or career woman, we can help you at Motivo Designs,” Trista commented. “I consider it an honor to be invited into someone’s home to make it more welcoming for their family or their guests. Our work allows us to be a part of their environment, and it’s exciting to make their home beautiful.”

If you’re imagining a new look for your home, contact the knowledgeable, creative and experienced staff at Motivo Designs. Just as she did a year ago for herself, Trista will turn your dream into a reality. ■

Visit the new showroom at 14469 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, Kansas, or the website at