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Liza Blanc and Pure Safe Products

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Liza Blanc has taken on a mission in life to help other mothers dealing with the serious health issues of their children brought on by our toxic environment. Guided by her own experiences of her children anguishing with skin sensitivities, Liza knew that little information was out there to help mothers discover solutions. But then she found Pure Safe Products.

With Pure Safe Products, Liza can introduce you to a new world of naturally effective, one-of-a-kind wellness products for you, your home and your family. From nutrition to personal care, home cleaning and cosmetics, Liza has the perfect creation that is great for your family and the environment. The variety and options are extensive, with more than 500 products to choose from.

Healthy Alternatives
“We’re a natural way to support people. This business and my team are focused on helping to create a healthier environment and specifically on assisting people with different health issues find relief from asthma, eczema, ADHD, heart issues, allergies, sensitivities, IBS, gut issues and more,” noted Liza. “It comes down to addressing the sensitivities to things they use in their home. Perhaps it’s skin issues due to a sensitivity to scents, chemicals or colors. We help people who have had cancer and are looking for nontoxic products, or they’re going through cancer treatments and their doctors say use nontoxic things. We can offer them safe alternatives from cosmetics to cleansers.”

Since 2001, when she took on the role of a marketing executive for the company, she’s helped hundreds of families in the Kansas City metro get back on track with Pure Safe Products. Liza and her associates, Diana Washburn, Heather Harper and Shauna Dipman, work together as a team, dedicated to families struggling with health issues that can be addressed with natural, safe products. Liza says they can find opportunities to offer higher-quality, better value solutions for today’s major health concerns, and products that are safe for your home and better for the environment.

“People are looking for natural solutions for overall wellness, including improving heart health, reducing cholesterol or decreasing blood pressure,” she said. “Many times our clients find they don’t have to take the medications that have a lot of side effects because of the improvements they’ve experienced through our products.”

Participate Easily
According to Liza, joining this health movement is simple to do. “Go to our website and review the information. If you have an interest, fill out the request form. I can talk to you over the phone or I can even come to your home and review your household products. This gives me a chance to point out potential items to replace with our non-toxic, natural products,” she stated. “Often, people don’t understand the things they have in their home and the chemicals inside them, so we can educate them as well.”

Not only does this group of individuals help people with health issues and reduce the risk of diseases, this company also gives mothers a wonderful opportunity to stay at home with their kids and operate a Pure Safe Products business.

Work-at-Home Opportunity
“We’ve had mothers who have sick children and had to quit jobs to assist their kids. Some were paying so much money for day care they were working simply to pay the day care bill. By becoming part of the Pure Safe Products team, we can help people have a better quality of life overall by replacing income or bringing in even more income,” affirmed Liza. “So many moms need the extra money or need to stay home with their kids, and joining our team will help them accomplish this. Being a part of this team, I’m working from home, being around my five children, offering assistance to families struggling with health issues and helping other mothers enjoy the ability to work from home.”

You can reach out to Liza from the website to ask for more information on joining her organization, whether it’s helping with sales or helping your family with better, safer products. Pure Safe Products boasts nearly two million shoppers every month and 96 percent of them are return shoppers. A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee means you’re shopping with confidence, knowing Liza and her team back Pure Safe Products.

“When you do things for the right reasons, you can really impact many lives in many ways,” said Liza. “It’s about leading with your heart to share products that help people physically to be healthier and safer and, if they have an interest, financially as well. It isn’t about the money but about changing lives and making a
real difference.” ■

Visit the website at Contact Liza Blanc at 913-205-6726; Diana Washburn, 816-678-9050,; Heather Harper, 913-221-3665,; or Shauna Dipman, 913-302-7996,