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Kimberlie Rice and R. Designs: Better Living by Design

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It may seem like a costly investment, but calling upon the services of an experienced and qualified interior designer can actually save you money. In fact, as you make your house your home, hiring one can be a strategic investment in your living space.

When you’re searching for an excellent interior designer, invest some time in talking with Kimberlie Rice at R. Designs, Overland Park, Kansas. Her personal design service, color consultation and shopping servicescan bring you better living by design.

Uniquely Your Home
“You actually save money by using an interior designer because you don’t have costly mistakes, and it saves time because we coordinate the project for you,” commented Kimberlie. “I do everything when it comes to interior design such as selecting blinds, draperies, rugs, lamps, wall colors, furniture, artwork and more. I bring experience, education, background and personalization to the table. Your home should blend your values, hopes, dreams and, most importantly, you. I call it better living by design.”

To achieve that mantra of better living by design, Kimberlie is keenly focused on listening to her clients, which helps her interpret their vision. The final product, which can range from a room to an entire house, will be a true reflection of the homeowner’s life. “I believe in listening as the key to great design. After all, my artisans and I have to know your heart and dreams to bring them to life in your home,” she shared. “Our work will help you experience something truly unique and inspiring with a personal touch.”

Creating Functional Spaces
Kimberlie begins the process in your home with an initial meeting to share ideas and gather a vision. She’ll assess your lifestyle through a series of thought-provoking questions that will help her gather details to deliver a design that meets your needs and those of your family. With careful planning and creativity, she’ll formulate a style concept just for you.

“It’s my goal that clients are going to come away from this experience with a space they absolutely love. It will be functional, built around a floor plan that meets your needs,” remarked Kimberlie. “Your life may be filled with dogs, kids, elderly parents or maybe lots of entertaining. Or perhaps you’re a young couple that wants to have their own sanctuary. I can help you achieve that ideal through my design team.”

Kimberlie also offers consultation services to help homeowners get the right color palette for their space and taste. She’ll visit your home for a walk-through, noting details such as furniture placement, floor plan, architecture and other elements. “Since natural sunlight impacts how colors show, the consultation is scheduled for a time of day when the light is at its best. The end result is a suggested palette, with ideas about placement, finishes and other factors,” noted Kimberlie. “You get specific paint color recommendations for your unique space. No matter your personal style, we can achieve the desired look and feel of a space through a unique color palette designed just for you.”

Studio One Sixty
To enable her clients to experience her designs before the work is started, Kimberlie can invite them to her workspace, Studio One Sixty, in Overland Park. This interior design studio serves as a collaborative one-stop shop to assist clients in selecting custom quality products for their home or office. Consultations can be easy and convenient.

“Studio One Sixty is four designers who share a working space. I have my own company as R. Designs and they have theirs,” shared Kimberlie. “Studio One Sixty simplifies the design process by eliminating the need to shop at various locations. We carry samples, catalogs and accessories from many different vendors to assist us in creating a design look for you. Our vendors are our business partners.”

Having a proven set of vendors available to her clients is another timesaver Kimberlie offers. “I have a list of vendors or artisans I work with that I can recommend to my customers for painting, carpeting, wallpaper and more, and you can use your own, too,” noted Kimberlie. “But the contract for work is between my client and the vendor. Interior designers can upcharge for those services, which adds significantly to the bottom line. This means savings for my clients.”

Renovation and Commercial
Not only does Kimberlie focus on interior design projects, she’ll also take on a remodel such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements. In these projects, she will work only with her chosen remodeler as she manages the process for you. Not only does she partner with homeowners, but R. Designs can focus on commercial projects, too, putting together a large office space or building.

When you’re turning your house into your dream home, turn to Kimberlie Rice at R. Designs to help you through that process. Her personal design service, color consultation and shopping services offer an impressive investment, paying dividends for years by bringing you better living by design. ■

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