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Find New Energy With the MaxLife Weight Loss and Body Balancing Program

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I have been able to reduce the amount of medication I take almost by half.”

“My energy is up, and I am sleeping like never before. I am making progress on getting back to healthy!”

“It’s been life-changing for me.”

These are just a sample of the many positive health changes about a breakthrough, exclusive technology designed to put you in a direction of health and healing in a natural way—the MaxLife Technology-Based Weight Loss and Body Balancing Program.

“The MaxLife Program was exclusively created by our team,” noted Heather Klepfer, Co-founder and Certified Wellness Coach. “Our patients have a 100 percent success rate following the easy, step-by-step program, the fundamentals of which help you get your body back into a state of maximum-functioning internal balance within 30 short days.”

Creating Balance
Heather notes that the program’s foundation is based on balancing internal critical health factors and imbalances. It’s important to be clear the program is not a diet. Weight loss and other health challenges are a by-product of a body in balance. The program’s core focus is to help you regain your health, enabling you to feel better than at any other point in your life.

Patients see increased energy levels, better overall mood, weight loss and restful sleep patterns. Some have even discontinued medications or reduced them significantly as they overcome their health challenges. The key is returning your body to a state of internal balance so it can function as it is meant.

“Our technology-based programs are helping thousands and thousands of patients reverse troubling health conditions such as excess weight, diabetes, hot flashes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, sleep-related issues, thyroid disorders, autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalances, mineral deficiencies and fibromyalgia, just to name a few,” shared Dr. Darin Upchurch, Co-founder and Owner of MaxLife. “The technology-based programs are designed to decrease harmful toxins, reduce inflammation, decrease internal acidity, increase hydration and balance your hormones and mineral deficiencies on a cellular level.”

Every Patient Is Different
“The BioMax Technology and programs are unique to us,” stated Heather. “This non-invasive program uses no chemicals or drugs, no blood work, no urine testing and is not HCG. It’s customized to the patient based on the results of the BioMax Technology, and it will help to balance hormones, metabolism, adrenal glands and your hypothalamus; detox on the cellular level; and rebalance your body. It’s truly a complete internal reset.”

Through the BioMax Scan, the unique technology exclusive to MaxLife, the staff discovers where you’re out of balance. In addition, the technology is so specific, it’s able to list the proteins, fruits and vegetables that your body has a biological affinity or preference for, which allows for proper nutrition and optimal digestion.

“The idea that you should eat healthy foods and avoid unhealthy foods isn’t helpful. For each person there are different foods that are beneficial,” Heather remarked. “I love kale, and then I learned that my body doesn’t digest kale properly. That doesn’t make kale an unhealthy food. It just means it’s not beneficial for me.”

Get Started
“The first step is to schedule a Body Composition Analysis, which gives a snapshot of your internal health and imbalances, and a consultation,” commented Dr. Darin. During February, if you mention HERLIFE, the cost is only $30; it’s normally $100.”

Following the Body Composition Analysis, you’ll meet with one of the wellness consultants or doctors who will review your results, gather a health history, discuss the technology and how it works and advise the best program option to get started. According to Heather, there is no one price or program that fits everyone because each individual’s internal needs are completely different.

The program isn’t just about weight loss, Dr. Darin stresses, although it will happen as a positive side effect of your body functioning in balance. He says it’s about regaining your life and health for a lifetime. The support doesn’t end after you’ve finished a program. MaxLife offers an array of services in its Overland Park office for patients.

“Many people ask us how to stay healthy and balanced throughout the year, so we designed a unique Balance for Life Program,” Dr. Darin stated. “This program allows you to maintain your health and wellness using MaxLife’s exclusive technology as a tool on a quarterly basis. The technology generates a comprehensive report, giving you a blueprint for success for the months following.”

The team at MaxLife prides itself on offering strong support and continued education to help patients change their life, health and longevity. “Our programs are designed for those who truly want to help themselves, take control of their health and live in balance,” remarked Dr. Darin. “If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will make time for your illness.”

To learn more, visit the office at 11012 Quivira Road, Overland Park, Kansas, the website,, or call 913-717-0808.