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Dr. Michelle De Souza, University of Kansas Physicians Plastic Surgery: On the Leading Edge of Plastic Surgery

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Have you ever wished you could just move those extra pounds in your belly to parts of your body that could actually use just a bit more?

Well, you can. It’s called fat transfer, fat grafting or fat injection and Dr. Michelle De Souza, board certified plastic surgeon, The University of Kansas Physicians Department of Plastic Surgery, specializes in helping patients achieve great results by using autologous tissues or fat to contour your body.


Reshaping the Body’s Contours

“These procedures aren’t just about adding or subtracting; it’s about shaping,” she noted. “Basically, I remove fat from the areas on your body where it doesn’t need to be and then add it to other areas to fill it out.”

Dr. De Souza specializes in many types of plastic surgery, especially fat transfer, with keen attention to detail. In her practice, she strives to balance the art and science of medicine when caring for each patient. More than just a physician, Dr. De Souza is a researcher and an educator on the leading edge of plastic surgery.

Dr. De Souza states that fat transfer works much in the way you would anticipate. Fat from various areas of your body is removed and then actually injected into places to which you’d like to add some tissue, such as the face, breasts, cheeks, lips, buttocks and chin. “I’ll harvest the fat through liposuction and prepare it for transfer into the body,” revealed Dr. De Souza. “Once it’s placed in the body, the fat takes on the blood supply from that area. Some of it will be absorbed or die, but the fat that survives is essentially permanent because it maintains its own characteristics.”


Skill for Breast Reconstruction

Fat transfer can be used for breast reconstruction, which is another specialty offered by Dr. De Souza. She points out that this procedure in breast augmentation is still under investigation, but may be a standard option in the future. “Several times a week I perform fat injection procedures for breast, buttocks, faces and other areas, and the process is gaining in popularity,” she shared. “Now, with fat injections we’re removing those unwanted pounds and adding them where they need to be as I sculpt a new shape for my patients. It’s remarkable; your own body is used to make it better.”

Fat injections are commonly used to rejuvenate sagging facial appearances. Lines between the nose and mouth can be erased and sunken cheeks can be filled out for a more youthful look. Skin depressions can be improved, and lips can be enhanced. Dr. De Souza has also used this procedure to bring a more youthful appearance to hands and to treat scars on the skin. Some patients chose fat injection as a part of a Mommy Makeover, which helps shape and define a woman’s body after she has given birth.

Her clinical practice is focused on breast and body cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. She offers an extensive list of procedures for her patients ranging from aesthetic surgery, reduction measures, augmentation, reconstruction, contouring and more. “I believe I possess a particular advantage of being a woman and a plastic surgeon,” she noted. “Some women may feel more comfortable interacting with a female medical provider, especially when it comes to their body or reconstructing their breasts.”


Rigorous Training, Impeccable Credentials

Dr. De Souza attended medical school at the University of Kansas. Her first residency was in general surgery at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, New Jersey, and her second residency was in plastic surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami, Miami, Florida. Her fellowship was with the Hunstad Center, Charlotte, North Carolina. She is board certified in plastic surgery and general surgery.

“You should take great comfort in knowing that your surgeon is well trained and has passed several rigorous exams to obtain board certification,” she remarked. “These endorsements are important, and we’re constantly maintaining our certification by continuing our education.”

The next time you look in the mirror and wish that a few pounds could move from here to there, take heart, because it can happen. The tissue that you thought was undesirable can be more than desirable in other areas of your body, thanks to fat injection and the experienced skill set and knowledge of Dr. Michelle De Souza. HLM


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