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Dr. Levi Young: Artistry and Experience in Plastic Surgery

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The calendar signals that fall’s here, with the holiday season just around the corner. Now’s the time to get working on those gift lists, especially the reward you should give yourself: cosmetic surgery from Dr. Levi Young at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Overland Park, Kansas. Present yourself with an early present that will have you putting forward your best face or body. The look is totally you, simply enhanced.

“Now’s the time to plan your cosmetic surgery to be ready for the holiday parties and get-togethers. Surgery scheduled over the early fall months is nice because your social calendar isn’t as full, making it easier to recover and recoup, and bulky, warm clothes enable you to conceal dressings,” noted Dr. Young. “The extra weeks will have you looking great just in time for the holidays. By early spring, you’re fully healed and traveling to a warm destination to enjoy your new look and new bikini.”

Deep Training
Dr. Young specializes in a wide range of cosmetic procedures from breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and mommy makeovers to breast lifts, rhinoplasty, facelifts and eyelift surgery. He obtained his medical education in the KC area, highlighted with his board certification in plastic surgery. He’s a life-long Kansas City resident.

“I really focus on my key demographic, which is women between the ages of 30 and 55,” commented Dr. Young. “But we see male patients as well for liposuction and facial injections such as Botox® or fillers. It’s not a major market, but 10 percent of my patients are men and many are referred by their wives. Perhaps the wife has rhinoplasty with great results, and he’s now going to do his eyelids. Wives do encourage their husbands, and it’s a big thing. I’m seeing more and more men doing self-care for themselves.”

To help patients realize their goals, Dr. Young creates an individualized treatment plan that is thoroughly explained and set to deliver amazing results. The caring staff at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery share his commitment to providing patients with the best personal experiences. “I build a personalized care plan for each patient. To do that, we discuss the look and outcome the patient is after. I genuinely listen to them about their goals and how they want to look,” Dr. Young shared. “Also, I believe it’s important to educate patients. I take the time to fully describe the complete experience.”

Art of Enhancement
According to Dr. Young, his abilities as a highly accomplished artist are one of the biggest strengths he brings to the operating table. His creative eye helps patients achieve better results. “My artistic nature lends me the ability to analyze each patient and develop the best plan for the desired outcome. It’s an incredible asset in the operating room, enabling me to see and create the best aesthetic results.”

As a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Young has been recognized with the Ten Best Client Satisfaction Award for the years 2015 through 2018 from the American Institution of Plastic Surgeons. He has been voted one of the top three plastic surgeons in the greater KC area by Pitch Weekly, selected Top Doctor for Patient Reviews in 2018, honored as a Top Doctor in Overland Park and recognized by the acclaimed website RealSelf for his outstanding contributions to the RealSelf community. Dr. Young is one of only 500 doctors across the nation to receive this prestigious award. RealSelf is the leading online community helping people make confident choices in cosmetic procedures.

Specialization and Innovation
“I am the only doctor my age in a Kansas City-metro private practice doing 100 percent cosmetic surgery, which means no reconstructive surgery,” Dr. Young remarked. “I have a higher volume of cosmetic surgery on a more consistent basis. I do 150 breast augmentations every year and that gives me an incredible advantage. Because I do them more often I’m able to achieve more consistent and excellent results. It’s a solid foundation of experience and knowledge to share with my patients.”

Dr. Young points to new treatments that he’s suggesting to his patients such as Kybella™, an injection dissolving fat in the neck and under the chin and even the “brabelle,” a layer of fat that rolls over the bra in the back. “It’s an in-office procedure and works great,” he shared. “It’s gaining lots of popularity with men who want a stronger jawline and chin.” Dr. Young also employs a newer generation of silicone breast implants, Natrelle™, for some patients. It offers a softer, more natural touch from a patented cohesive gel in the implant.

Isn’t now the time to write your name at the top of your holiday gift list? A visit to Dr. Levi Young may be just the thing to have you looking your best for the holiday season and the future.

Visit, the office at 14340 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, Kansas, or call 913-299-5100.