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Cryo Clinic: Whole-Body Cryotherapy Provides Healing Properties

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It was a life-changing accident that led Sandy Batesel to an unusual answer for the chronic pain she was experiencing. What turned out to be a breakthrough for her is now offered to others in the Kansas City area through cryogenic treatment.

“In 2013, my husband was in a truck accident and lost his legs. He spent 11 months and two days in the hospital. Then I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. One day we looked at all of the meds we were taking and agreed there had to be something better,” recalled Sandy. “We saw cryogenic tanks on Shark Tank and then read the Royals bought two of then. We purchased a unit last year, and I was amazed at how my energy returned. In the past, I was drained by the early afternoon. Now, I’m doing laundry and housework. In just two months of treatments, one of my meds was removed, and if I continue to feel better, I could be taken off more.”

Help for Chronic Pain
Now Sandy has brought the healing properties of cryogenics to the public at the Cryo Clinic, 6129 Northwest 63rd Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri. “I refer to it as an ice bath on steroids,” she shared. “We can help everyone, from athletes to those with chronic pain to weekend warriors. Our cold therapy targets inflammation internally and it can address the source of all types of pain.”

The theory of cryogenics is based on hyper-cold temperatures pushing the body into a mode of survival. When that happens, your blood supply reverses course and flows to your vital organs to protect them. Once you leave the cold, the blood returns throughout the body, delivering more oxygen and nutrients, which removes inflammation. At the Cryo Clinic, each cooling session runs about three minutes and surrounds your body with cold air, chilled by nitrogen, that hits a negative 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

“It’s new in the Midwest, but it’s been around a long time. In 1978, it was introduced in Japan to relieve the suffering of those diagnosed with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis,” commented Sandy. “In the 1990s, it came to Los Angeles, then New York and now it’s made its way to the Midwest.”

Easy and Effective
While temperatures of negative 155 degrees Fahrenheit might seem to be more conducive to penguins and polar bears at the ice caps, Sandy reports that cryogenics is quick, easy, painless, noninvasive, and, most importantly, effective. “You stand in a chamber that covers your body, although your head and feet are exposed. You’ll be given a robe to wear, along with booties and gloves to cover your extremities. When you enter the chamber, you’ll remove your robe and hand it to us. Then the nitrogen hits your body for up to three minutes. The feeling is a very dry cold,” she commented. “Then you put on your robe, we open the chamber and you’re back to your normal body temperature. Your body doesn’t shiver, although we have had some clients who experience lips that shiver. But it produces positive results.”

Some of Sandy’s clients have experienced immediate relief after just one session, but normally multiple sessions are required to build and maintain pain relief. “We recommend at least two sessions of cryogenics at the Cryo Clinic for the first two weeks,” she noted. “Then you move to a maintenance schedule, which is about once a week, but it depends on the individual.”

Treatments at the Cryo Clinic are designed to meet your busy schedule. Sessions are on a walk-in basis, although if you’d like, you can schedule a time. “It’s so quick you don’t need an appointment,” Sandy shared. “You change out of your street clothes into your booties or socks and robe. We’re pre-cooling the unit while you’re getting ready. You step in for three minutes, rotate in the chamber and step out. As soon as the door opens, people say they’re warm already. The whole session takes only about 15 minutes.”

Helpful for Athletes
Not only is cryogenics used to alleviate pain, but some clients point to its ability to improve athletic performance and stave off the effects of aging. Sandy has just added a new feature that will help men and women turn a cold shoulder to wrinkles. “We have the cryo-facial; in fact, Cryo Clinic will be the only facility in KC to offer it,” stated Sandy. “It helps with wrinkles and stimulates collagen production through a cryogenic wand hovering over the face.”

While the concept may seem far-fetched, the idea of putting ice on sore muscles has been a common treatment for decades, and cryogenics takes it to another level. Sandy sees the Cryo Clinic as a way to bring relief to those suffering from pain. “I want others to know there’s hope. I was on so many medications and faced that regimen for the rest of my life,” she remarked. “Now, through the Cryo Clinic, we have hope because we have a way to manage inflammation.” ■

To learn more, visit or call Cryo Clinic at 816-569-2678.