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Compassionate Family Care: Improved Health and New Options for Boosting Metabolism

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Many factors play into the process of improving health, losing weight and boosting energy levels. At Compassionate Family Care, the staff understands the most important investment you can make is taking care of yourself. Dr. Laura Ray and her knowledgeable team can establish a customized treatment plan to make you feel great again. The recent initiation of all-natural vitamin injections can help you reach your goals by boosting energy, increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite.

“Our metabolism booster, MetB, is an injection that helps increase metabolism and energy. It also helps to curb hunger and it can be used as a supplement to help you reach your weight loss goals,” Dr. Ray explained. “The Vitamin-B Complex injection is an energy supplement to help maintain normal energy levels. It is best if used in combination with the MetB, but it can also be used by itself to give you that boost you have been looking for.”

The Value of B-Complex Vitamins
The Vitamin B Complex injection includes a variety of B vitamins that the body has difficulty storing when taken orally due to their water-soluble properties. “The injection minimizes deficiencies, offering an improvement of potential health complications such as low energy, chronic fatigue and obesity,” Dr. Ray stated. “The MetB injections augment these effects by stimulating metabolism, which breaks down excess fat within the body, specifically the liver. In addition, MetB plays a key role in helping the body metabolize nutrients, boost energy and assist in appetite control.”

Dr. Ray and her team recommend the MetB injection once weekly and the Vitamin-B Complex injection one to two times weekly until goals are met. “A minimum duration of six weeks is recommended before evaluating success; however, many patients notice an improvement in symptoms after their first dose,” she shared. While the injections are purchased separately, discount pricing is available when both injections are given together.

Customized Plan for Health
To further understand how these two injections may benefit you, they suggest scheduling an office visit to evaluate health risks, discuss your goals and then develop a personalized plan to help you feel great again. Morgan Bergman, APRN, NP-C, Megan Caldwell, APRN, NP-C, and Sarah Wallace, APRN, NP-C, have worked with Dr. Ray to create these customized strategies and they are assisted by their talented and caring office staff.

SottoPelle bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is another tool Dr. Ray and her team continue to use to improve the quality of life in many patients. Over the last several years, Compassionate Family Care has witnessed an increase in those seeking bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. They have treated an increasing number of patients with SottoPelle hormone replacement, which offers an individualized care model focused on improving the uncomfortable symptoms of hormone imbalance in both men and women. “Patient testimony has shown that SottoPelle not only restores a diminished quality of life and minimizes menopause symptoms, but it can also improve symptoms that often begin many years before menopause,” Dr. Ray commented. “This form of hormone replacement can often improve cholesterol levels, although it is not indicated to solely treat elevated cholesterol. With SottoPelle hormone replacement, patients can overcome a number of issues including fatigue, weight gain, decreased motivation and desire, loss of concentration, decreased libido, lack of focus, lethargy, hot flashes and night sweats.”

Personalized Hormone Replacement Regimen
Although many offices in the Kansas City metro offer hormone replacement, Dr. Ray and her team take pride in the personalized transformation that Compassionate Family Care offers each patient. “It is our personal touch and individualized care that make such a difference,” she remarked. “Any medical practitioner can put in a pellet or prescribe a hormone regimen. However, at Compassionate Family Care, we make a connection, listen to them and determine the best options for the patient. All of this comes in a friendly, warm and comfortable environment.”

After a comprehensive evaluation of current symptoms and hormone levels, Dr. Ray and her team can discuss options and select a course of treatment individualized to the needs of each patient. “With hormone replacement therapy, we are able to restore the body to its fully functional state, similar to how we felt in our prime when everything worked well,” Dr. Ray explained. “We specialize in SottoPelle, which not only uses bio-identical hormone pellets but delivers them to the blood stream the same way that your body does, allowing it to use the amount it needs, when it needs it.”

Compassionate Family Care is devoted to providing personalized care that will exceed your expectations. Schedule a consultation today to discuss the many different options to start your transformation. ■

Visit Dr. Ray’s office at 15900 College Boulevard, Suite 100, Lenexa, Kansas, her website at or call 913-744-4300.