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Center for Women’s Health: Comprehensive Care for All Seasons of a Woman’s Life

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Often in this era of healthcare, it can be a modern miracle to find a physician that’s more dedicated to the patient rather than the bottom line. But Dr. Traci Nauser, Center for Women’s Health, 4840 College Boulevard, Overland Park, Kansas, does just that. She has a passion for advocacy and comprehensive care regimens for women. She and her team take pride in helping patients in many aspects of life and development.

“I explain things in major detail so I can teach my patients what’s going on with their bodies and why it’s happening. When I see new patients, we talk in my office before the exam because it helps them feel more comfortable,” Dr. Nauser noted. “Since I do almost everything from the start of periods to menopause, I can help with whatever she needs as a woman. Most importantly, I don’t judge. I give options for her to decide what’s right for her and her family.”

Center for Women’s Health offers comprehensive women’s healthcare, featuring a full range of OB/GYN services, including family planning. The staff is immensely caring and compassionate, driven by an underlying goal of educating and empowering women. They’re keenly focused on enabling women to be physically and psychologically healthy. “We’re a huge women’s healthcare advocate. That drives us to do new and minimally invasive procedures and treatments for patients,” Dr. Nauser commented. “It all comes together with the goal of giving personalized and confidential care and always doing what’s best for the patient.”

Dr. Nauser joined Center for Women’s Health in 1998. It was founded in 1978 by Dr. Herbert Hodes, her father, who retired in August 2016. Dr. Nauser is board certified through the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and licensed through the State Board of Healing Arts in Kansas and Missouri. She’s an assistant professor at The University of Kansas Hospital and Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.

Center for Women’s Health employs state-of-the-art equipment and practices in all aspects of patient care, performing many procedures in the office. Whether you’re requiring the skills of the area’s finest laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgeon, looking for an empathetic female provider experienced with shepherding teens through their first GYN exam or desiring the encouraging support of her proficient nurse practitioner, Natalie Wellington, Dr. Nauser and her staff will meet your needs. Center for Women’s Health also provides the precision of daVinci® robotic surgery, ThermiVa®, Endosee®, FemVue®, Essure®, Minerva®, MyoSure® and many other treatment options.

“Women are worth the investment and should be able to have the best of everything, with faster recovery and minimal down time, including choosing from as many options as possible,” noted Dr. Nauser. “One of my patients is a breast cancer survivor; because of side effects from her treatment regimen, she and her husband hadn’t been able to have sex for about five years. I wanted to give her back a huge part of her relationship—their sex life. I offered the ThermiVa procedure. After the second treatment, her vaginal flexibility and secretions were back, and after the third treatment, all vaginal pain was gone. She now has back her sex life and a missing part of her relationship. It’s rewarding to help improve women’s lives in any way I can.”

Not only is Dr. Nauser known for her amazing surgical skills, her experience and knowledge are a mecca for nurse practitioner and OB/GYN students and other doctors looking for growth. During her career, Dr. Nauser estimates she’s mentored between 40 and 50 healthcare professionals. Due to her dedication, she’s been recognized with the prestigious University of Kansas School of Medicine Ad Astra Volunteer Faculty Award. “I’m open to working with anyone interested in being exposed to comprehensive women’s healthcare because there’s so little exposure to the many things that I do. We perform a lot of office-based and outpatient-based surgeries, and many are robotic surgeries. We try to be innovative and use the latest techniques, many after they’ve been shortly released.”

While awards are pleasant, Dr. Nauser’s staff offers the highest praise, pinpointing her faultless patient compassion and immense desire to successfully treat them. “She’s so passionate and gives everything to all of her patients. I really admire her. Her bedside manner is impeccable, and she’s life-changing for her patients,” noted Natalie. “The Center for Women’s Health believes that knowledge is power for our patients. When Dr. Nauser is in the room with you, you have her full, undivided attention. If you need the extra time or education, she’s focused on you. She never makes an assumption that you’re going to know something just because you have a vagina.”

If you’re looking for your modern medical miracle, consider Dr. Traci Nauser and Center for Women’s Health. Her role of women’s health advocate, expansive knowledge and experience and empathetic bedside manner combine to deliver a physician skilled to meet your feminine healthcare needs. ■

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