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Celsius Tannery: Sunless Perfection for a Natural Glow

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It’s so popular additional units have been installed to meet the demand. It’s the Sunless Perfection Application Process, a 100-percent UV-free, sunless tanning experience that provides natural results for any skin type, and it’s offered at your nearby Celsius Tannery salon.

“We’ve installed additional units at all Celsius Tannery locations to keep up with the demand and popularity,” noted Janessa Howell, Celsius Tannery. “Forget about that streaky orange coloring from the past. Rest assured you won’t look like Ross from Friends. The Sunless Perfection Application Process delivers flawless color for an event or simply to have you looking better and more confident in your spring clothes.”

Better Tan than Before
Janessa noted that over the last decade, the Celsius Sunless Perfection Application has advanced technology, resulting in customers achieving the exact glow they desire. This system is great for everyone, including those who wish to enhance their existing tan, those who are unable to obtain a tan conventionally or those who need golden color for an event. The Celsius Sunless Perfection Application Process features a private booth that delivers a bronzing solution to the entire body. You’re in and out in less than five minutes.

“The Celsius Sunless Perfection Application technology, the equipment and the bronzing solution have come such a long way from what they once were,” shared Janessa. “The solution is an all-natural product, a fruit derivative, delivering a great natural bronze color. It’s quick and easy and looks completely natural, offering an avid sunless user the ability to keep a nice golden glow. Because the Celsius Sunless Perfection Application technology doesn’t require you to rub anything in, it’s pretty much foolproof. It’s a nice, even mist that avoids the orange streaking of the past.”

Janessa pointed out that customers should take a few extra steps to ensure their Celsius Sunless Perfection Application is an exceptional experience. “During your morning shower, use a loofah or exfoliating product to remove dead skin cells to enhance the process,” advised Janessa. “Before your appointment, ensure your skin is clean with no lotions. After your Celsius Sunless Perfection Application, we suggest you wear dark clothing. The solution won’t stain but it can transfer. We also have products to help you pre- and post-application to ensure your tan is the best.”

Convenience and Experience
Celsius Tannery offers several ways to achieve gorgeous color that doesn’t put a strain on your budget. You can visit for a one-time application, purchase a package of services featuring different levels or indulge in a membership program giving you unlimited access to the units.

“We always recommend an appointment to ensure you get the time that fits your schedule, but you can certainly walk in,” added Janessa. Not only are appointments plentiful, getting to a nearby Celsius Tannery is convenient, too. Celsius Tannery facilities are abundant in the KC-metro area. Salons are located in Overland Park, Leawood, Leavenworth, Stanley, Westwood, Lee’s Summit, Independence and Parkville.

Another feature placing Celsius Tannery above the competition is its Smart Tan-certified, customer service-oriented tanning consultants. These highly trained individuals will evaluate your skin type and recommend the appropriate tanning solution to fit your needs for the Celsius Sunless Perfection Application. They can also recommend the right type of Celsius tanning equipment to help you achieve your tanning goals.

“Smart Tan, an industry organization, has developed multiple, intensive training modules, and all of our associates at Celsius Tannery complete this education process. With this knowledge, they will consult with clients on their tanning goals and conduct a skin type analysis,” noted Janessa. “This information will allow them to build an individualized tanning program for our clients that teaches how to effectively achieve and maintain their tans, both indoors and out.”

Community Connections
Celsius Tannery has been locally owned and operated since 1995. Because of its extensive history in the Kansas City area, Celsius Tannery sees the value of community service and involvement. In May, Celsius Tannery, with its customers, is supporting the Great Plains SPCA.

“We’ll offer specials throughout the month in which clients can get a complimentary service upgrade for a $10 donation to the Great Plans SPCA. We’ll also offer product discounts in exchange for a donation,” commented Janessa. “Clients can round up their purchase to an even amount and that money will be donated to the Great Plains SPCA. It was very successful last year, and we’re looking forward to it again this year.”

Celsius Tannery, with locations across the area, should be at the top of your list when you’re searching for the best tan possible. The Celsius Sunless Perfection Application is great for those needing a 100 percent UV-free, tanning solution, while others may call upon Celsius Tannery’s state-of-the-art equipment for natural coloring. Coupled with a staff of highly trained Smart Tan consultants, its premier tanning experience allows customers to feel welcome and pampered while providing great results.

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