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Brill Eye Center: A Passion for Eye Care Innovation

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“In 1983, Brill Eye Center was developed with the concept of providing state-of-the-art professional eyecare at reasonable fees in a warm and friendly environment,” noted Dr. Raymond J. Brill, Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry. “That philosophy of care has stood the test of time for 34 years.”

More now than ever, it is difficult to know where to seek health care. Do you ask a friend, look at reviews online, see who your insurance recommends? Dr. Raymond Brill and his team pride themselves on being able to provide the full scope of routine and medical eye care. “We have always had a high tech and high touch approach to individualized care in an unhurried manner. We will spend as much time as we need with each patient to reach a diagnosis and treatment plan that makes sense and fits the pocket book,” said Dr. Brill, Optometrist in downtown Mission, Kansas.

Patient Care with a Fashion Twist
Dr. Brill has a long and impressive career in the eye health field, beginning with military service in the United States Army as the Division Optometrist at Ft. Riley, moving to a pediatric eye care practice and then starting his own practice in 1983.

“We have an attractive 7,600-square-foot practice filled with high-technology equipment and a showroom of 2,500 of the most unique European high-style fashion frames.” It feels like you are in an art gallery or high-end jewelry store. “We want patients to say ‘Wow’ when they walk in the front door,” commented Dr. Brill. “At Brill Eye Center, everything’s done in a first-class manner to deliver the best possible experience for our patients. Our bottom-line is that we want patients to return and refer others.”

Technology Ahead of the Curve
Nowhere is that more evident than his groundbreaking work with Overnight Corneal Reshaping Orthokeratology. “I think of it like Invisalign® braces for the eye. This process simply involves wearing custom-designed contact lenses that reshape the eye while you sleep; it’s like LASIK but without the risks of surgery,” he stated. “Remove them in the morning and see well all day long without the use of daytime contacts or glasses. It costs about half of LASIK and it’s totally reversible.”

Brill Eye Center is acknowledged for its effective treatment of dry eye syndrome in their dedicated Dry Eye Spa. Specialized FDA-approved equipment is used to first diagnose and then definitively treat the root cause of this problem and not just cover it up with eyedrops. Stop suffering from dry eye.

Eyewear Fashion Meets Function
Fashion meets function when a patient is selecting an eyewear wardrobe Expert styling assistance is available from his highly trained staff. “We will often pick out the perfect styles for you in minutes that you would never think to try on. There’s an art and science to proper frame and lens technology selection. The right frame can give you a totally different image,” declared Dr. Brill. “Most patients will leave with their contact lenses the same day due to a huge inventory of soft and gas permeable lenses. “Patients travel from far away to see us. We want to make it worth the trip,” The practice works with colorblind patients. “Eight percent of American males have some form of color deficiency (1 out of 12 men). We can help 80 percent of these folks to allow them to live a more normal life,” Dr. Brill says proudly.

Dr. Brill learned early that if a patient is happy with her service and materials, she will tell many of her friends and family. Their fashion frame leadership began with displaying the exclusive Cartier collection of jewelry eyewear. Dr. Brill is a fashion-forward thinker and meets with leading designers of eyewear from France, Germany, Denmark, Italy and other countries to cut out the middlemen to give patients extra value. “We avoid selling fake Italian frames that are actually made cheaply in China,” Dr. Brill emphasized. “We now can 3D-scan your head and customize every aspect of the frame style/shape and make it from horn, wood, or acetate according to our computerized design. It’s how frames will be made 10 years from now—but done today in our practice.”

Insurance Coverage
Most major types of insurance are accepted by Brill Eye Center for your convenience for routine care and medical services, even Medicare and KanCare Medicaid.

Bottom Line
When you’re searching for eye care excellence with an impressive selection of fashion eyewear and contact lenses, visit Dr. Raymond Brill at Brill Eye Center. You’ll discover a practice combining the best of professional care at reasonable fees in a warm and friendly environment.

As Dr Brill summarized with his motto: “We Put the ‘I Care’ Back in Eyecare.” ■

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