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Affordable Insurance Services: Experienced Agents Helping Clients Protect Their Families and Businesses

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No one wants to be penny wise and pound foolish. That’s especially true when it comes to insurance coverage for you and your family. You don’t want to spend too much, but you want coverage that’s affordable and protects your assets, providing solid service in case the unthinkable happens. When you’re insuring your personal property, talk with the staff at Affordable Insurance Services in Overland Park, Kansas.

“At Affordable Insurance Services, you’ll find knowledgeable and helpful agents happy to guide you through your insurance options,” noted PJ Abney, office manager. “We strive to have a personal connection with our clients. We provide them with a low rate but ensure that the coverages are right. If do you do have a claim, it must protect you and your family for the amount you need. It’s our strategy to offer clients a plan that not only fits them and their coverage needs but also offers the best price to fit their budget.”

Broad Selection of Coverage
Agents employ decades of experience to cover clients’ personal property, liability claims, the house and its contents, including personal articles such as jewelry, collections and furs. Renter’s insurance is also available. Auto and motorcycle coverage is obtainable, along with coverage for recreational items such as boats, motorhomes, campers, jet skis and more. Life insurance for personal and business needs is offered. On the commercial side, there’s general liability, workers’ compensation, business owners, garage and dealers and errors and omissions.

Affordable Insurance Services is a leader in the KC-metro insurance industry. For decades Jack Ericson and his team have helped the community find the right insurance in the consumer and commercial markets. Affordable Insurance Services has been providing assistance to the KC metro area, especially Overland Park and Shawnee Mission, since 1989. They’re knowledgeable about insurance requirements for both Kansas and Missouri residents. Also, Affordable Insurance Services can be a lifeline for those who can’t find companies to represent them.

Competitive Rates for Clients
“Sometimes when people hear our name, Affordable Insurance Services, they think we aren’t a reputable, good-quality company and that we offer only high-risk coverage,” noted PJ. “But that’s not the case. We shop the insurance market and get our customers the best rate, featuring a good value that protects their assets.”

In nearly all cases, no additional fees are charged to clients at Affordable Insurance Service shopping for personal coverage. “The only time there are fees is if we are are forced to go to the marketplace to get coverage for a client who’s tough to cover,” stated PJ. “That requires much more effort on our part to locate something for them, but if there is a charge, it’s very minimal.”

The agency can also help you locate insurance coverage for commercial accounts. PJ and her team will help guide businesses just starting out or those in for the long haul. For new companies, the agents will fill out application forms and find excellent coverage for small business owners. A small fee is charged for this service. But rest assured that Affordable Insurance Services has your best interests at heart. “When it comes to commercial quoting, we don’t play games. There are agencies that will deliberately classify a company with an incorrect code to save them money,” she revealed. “But when an insurance audit is conducted and they find the classifications aren’t right, the business will get hit with a large back charge to make up the difference.”

Deep Resources for Complete Coverage
Affordable Insurance Services represents a long list of preferred market companies that you’ll recognize. Travelers Insurance, Auto Owners, Progressive, Safeco Insurance Company, State Auto Insurance and The Hartford are just a handful of the many reputable companies Affordable Insurance Services can suggest to you.

“Our name says it all; we are affordable. And we’ll work with you to find the best policy,” remarked PJ. “We’ll advise you about what’s going to be in your best interest. We don’t offer state minimums of coverage because we know that those numbers won’t be enough to protect you. Our agency has a team of six agents and a dedicated commercial customer service staff member to work with you.”

The team at Affordable Insurance Services takes all of the work off your shoulders when it comes to policies. Because the agents truly care about customer satisfaction, they’re happy to help clients research options so they can make the best decision concerning their personal policies. “You can have what you believe is good coverage and maybe there’s an accident with a low-cost car and you’re covered. But if you hit an expensive car, you could be in trouble, especially if you’re carrying only basic coverage,” asserted PJ. “If you don’t have the proper protection with your insurance, the claimant can come after you on a personal basis, leaving your home and assets unprotected.

“Don’t put yourself in that situation. Let Affordable Insurance Services find the right policy for you.” ■

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