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AesthetiCare MedSpa Presents Revolutionary DiVa™ Technology

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Vaginal health is something that women don’t usually want to discuss. Uncomfortable symptoms may range from painful intercourse, vaginal dryness and irritation, laxity and urinary incontinence. But the team at AesthetiCare MedSpa, with offices in Leawood and Lawrence, Kansas, has an answer: diVa™ vaginal therapy.

diVa is an advanced dual laser treatment used to address changes in vaginal health that are frequently triggered by childbirth and menopause. diVa has also been successfully employed to treat side effects in women who have endured a hysterectomy or chemotherapy. The highly skilled and trained providers at AesthetiCare use diVa to customize treatments addressing your intimate challenges, producing impressive results.

Gentle, No Down Time Procedure
diVa is a safe, effective, fully automated, nonsurgical procedure, offering women options in maintaining and improving their vaginal health. diVa is a non-hormonal treatment, ideal for vaginal atrophy caused by childbirth, menopause, hysterectomy, breast cancer and aging,” shared H. Kathy Gaumer, MD, medical director, AesthetiCare, Lawrence, Kansas. “Multiple issues can be addressed with diVa.”

“It’s exciting to help women feel better about themselves in a new and different way than you normally would consider in aesthetic care. You might think of us as addressing your concerns on the outside of your body with skincare treatments,” noted Meredith Keller, RN, BSN, AesthetiCare, Leawood, Kansas. “diVa helps women improve their quality of life.”

New Application of Lasers
diVa is the latest innovation developed by Sciton, the company that brought us the revolutionary Halo™ technology for skin care and Forever Young BBL™. It’s taken the same science of hybrid fractional lasers and expanded its usage to treat vaginal tissue. The flexibility of combining laser wavelengths gives diVa the unique ability to deliver customizable treatments based on a woman’s vaginal health concerns. This allows the provider to tailor the treatment to achieve the patient’s desired results.

“We measure the patient’s vaginal canal and input those figures into the diVa computer. Then we prepare the patient with a topical anesthetic for comfort. We insert a handpiece, covered by a disposable clear sheath that’s actually a strengthened quartz dilator. The diVa laser delivers laser energy automatically in a precise, counterclockwise motion,” noted Dr. Gaumer, who has 25 years in women’s health care. “Because the settings are specific to the state of the patient’s tissue, the process is all automated, with no chance of operator error.”

The diVa’s handpiece is inserted into the vagina and delivers controlled energy pulses into the tissue. With diVa, two wavelengths are firing simultaneously during treatments; other treatments offer only single wavelengths. This allows diVa to deliver more effective and efficient treatments to women. “The patients tell me the pain is very minimal, like they are feeling a small amount of pressure. It is very well tolerated,” shared Meredith.

diVa’s Clinical Trials
Not only are you receiving treatment from the skilled hands of Dr. Gaumer and Meredith, AesthetiCare is one of the Centers of Excellence for the diVa process. Only a half-dozen medical spas in the country have been awarded this honor. AesthetiCare was one of the first clinics in the U.S. to have diVa, participating for months in clinical trials and offering feedback and data to a highly skilled group of providers and scientists working to perfect the treatment.

“We’re lucky because we’re part of the initial clinical trials. Now 50 offices around the country are using diVa, although only one other office in the KC metro has it,” revealed Dr. Gaumer. “We’re carrying on our advanced clinical research as we continue to explore new treatment protocols.”

Enjoy Life Fully
It is recommended to have a series of three diVa treatments, one every month. However, that can vary based on your age or the health of your vaginal tissue. Because diVa can be individualized, women in various stages of tissue health can be helped. Most importantly, there’s no down time to interfere with your busy life. “There might be some minor vaginal spotting or drainage, lasting perhaps two to three days,” noted Dr. Gaumer. “But you can walk out of our office and hit the gym or go back to work.”

It’s important to remember that when you mend one thing, such as improving vaginal health with the diVa system, you feel confident to do things you may not have been comfortable with before. “Maybe you felt uncomfortable going to the gym because you didn’t know if you might leak,” commented Dr. Gaumer. “But with diVa, you can enjoy those things again.”

If you’re suffering from urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness and irritation or vaginal laxity, now is the time to talk it over during a complimentary consultation with the friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff at AesthetiCare. Learn how diVa can dramatically improve your vaginal health. ■

Visit the website at or or the offices at 11100 Ash, Suite 210, Leawood, Kansas, or 3510 Clinton Place, Suite 120, Lawrence, Kansas.