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Just Sayin’

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The gut is a powerful thing.

It’s that “feeling,” the internal voice that is within each of us. If yours is like mine, sometimes it just won’t leave you alone. I’ve learned to listen to it. I’ve learned to trust it. Ignoring it only perpetuates the gnawing. 

Comfort zones are also a powerful thing. Routine. Familiarity. 

Stepping away from a comfort zone of any kind isn’t easy. But every single time I’ve done it, the crazy good stuff on the other side has made it so worth the jump! Feel the uncomfortable; take the chance. 

Be true to yourself. Respect yourself. Know your worth. And above all, trust your gut. It doesn’t lie.

Do what is right, not what is easy.

Jenny Matthews is the host of Mix 93.3’s ‘Jenny Matthews Show’ 10am – 3pm, Monday – Friday. She lives in the Northland with her husband, Matthew, and their two kiddos, Julianne and Miles. Connect with Jenny at!