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Just Sayin’

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Is anyone else struggling to find the balance? Anyone? Anyone?! 

I’m sure grateful for my husband, two kiddos, friends and a great job, and I’ll even throw in a few “side hustles!” But, man, there are days I feel like I don’t get to sit down and take a breath until my head hits the pillow. 

 My mom (yes, even at 43) is constantly telling me to slow down and relax. But when?! It’s super hard for me to sit down at any point in any day knowing I could be organizing “this” or checking “that” off a list. 

It’s funny; I had a conversation recently with someone who had taken note of the beautiful backyard space my husband dreamed up and made happen at our home. She said, “Oh, you must just love sitting back there with a good book and a cup of tea.” I visualized it. I agreed with the absolutely lovely idea of the words that flowed from her mouth. Yet, have I done that? Not even once. It’s been there for a year.

I know part of it is just me. I love life and I want to do see and do it all. But sometimes my brain wants way more than the 24 hours in each day will allow. I need to keep a realistic outlook.

Someone help me! Is there a secret recipe for life-balance?! Could you email that to me ASAP?! Or just meet me at the sports field, or out running errands or at the station. HA!

Written by Mix 93.3 Personality: Jenny Matthews

Jenny Matthews is the host of Mix 93.3’s ‘Jenny Matthews Show’ 10am – 3pm, Monday – Friday. She lives in the Northland with her husband, Matthew, and their two kiddos, Julianne and Miles. Connect with Jenny at!