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You Don’t Have to Accept Side Effects: Woman Ends Suffering with CBD from The Hemp Haus

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The Hemp Haus is passionate about high-quality full-spectrum CBD because it changes lives. For many customers in KC, CBD from The Hemp Haus has meant saying goodbye to prescription drug side effects. The following is the personal account of a breast cancer survivor whose quality of life was restored after she visited The Hemp Haus.

Mary’s Story
“I am a breast cancer survivor, five years cancer free. My cancer was estrogen positive, which meant a lumpectomy and radiation. Unfortunately, that was not the end of my problems. To keep my cancer at bay, I have to take tamoxifen, an estrogen blocker. The results were symptoms of menopause—hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness and irritation.

“To combat these side effects, I was prescribed Effexor®, an antidepressant. Missing one dose of it meant the immediate onset of a side effect called ‘brain zaps,’ an electrical pulse in my head that is extremely uncomfortable. As a result of the brain zaps, I was put on Zoloft®, which introduced more side effects. I started to have manic episodes, insomnia and severe OCD.

“Every solution created a new problem, and I was at a total loss on what to do. I was at a crossroads between keeping the cancer at bay and not wanting to cause myself additional harm.”

Mary’s Solution
“I looked everywhere for solutions, and my research led me to take a chance at The Hemp Haus. I didn’t know much about CBD at the time, but the other testimonials that I read were all glowing results. So I gave it a shot.

“After taking Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD from The Hemp Haus, the brain zaps completely subsided. But that was just the beginning. I no longer need Effexor or Zoloft. I still have to take the tamoxifen but no longer have the discomfort from the side effects since taking Ananda Hemp CBD from The Hemp Haus. I haven’t had one manic episode, and my OCD has completely subsided.

“CBD from The Hemp Haus has completely saved my life. I would strongly urge people with any sort of health issue to give The Hemp Haus a chance. CBD truly works, and my life has changed forever because of it.”

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