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The Hemp Haus: Setting the Bar for the CBD Experience in Kansas City

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The Hemp Haus co-founders Eric Oligschlaeger and Zach Allen believe people in Kansas City deserve an informative and sophisticated experience from a CBD establishment that sells only high-quality, affordable CBD products. The two KC natives are well versed in the benefits of all cannabinoids and the flourishing CBD industry. Their goal is to offer knowledgeable guidance and high-quality products with a transparent origin history. The Hemp Haus specializes in all cannabinoids, not just CBD.

For Eric Oligschlaeger, this standard arises from spending the last four years traveling over 200 days a year, forming invaluable relationships and learning all that he can about cannabinoids and the most recent developments in the industry. He and Zach have spent the last two years building a reputable cannabinoid wholesale business. They’ve established partnerships with physicians, general practitioners, pharmacies, chiropractors and naturopaths nationwide.

Equally passionate and driven to set a higher standard in the CBD industry, Zach Allen also brings life-cultivated experience to The Hemp Haus. In 2005, he was diagnosed with cancer and treated with surgery and chemotherapy. After months of extreme nausea and weight loss resulting from the treatment, he finally agreed to try Marinol®, a synthetic THC, and it worked. Even though it successfully treated his nausea, there were down sides. The “high” effect made it difficult to work, and it was expensive. But the fact that THC, a natural derivative, could do for him what nothing else could in a life-threatening situation excited Zach’s curiosity.

In his 12 years of remission, Zach has relentlessly pursued the most recent research and development available in natural medicine. He has combined his experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and business mentor with his drive to cultivate awareness of the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids.  

The fruits of their experiences are reflected in how they have carefully outfitted The Hemp Haus for their customers’ experience. The highly educated staff, uncluttered inventory and elegant minimalist décor are the results of years of refining their vision to offer authentic, high-quality access to full-spectrum CBD.

The Hemp Haus is their chance to help educate consumers in their hometown KC on the benefits of all the cannabinoids including CBD.

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