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The Hemp Haus and Kana Skincare

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Kana Skincare visionary Janice Buu aimed to transform health and beauty with CBD—and hit the mark!

 “Kana” means “powerful female.” Founder and chief formulator of Kana CBD Skincare Janice Buu was trying to craft a name that combined the elements unique to her brand: cannabis, K-Beauty (Korean beauty) and a female-based mission. It wasn’t until after she registered the name that she discovered its meaning, confirming it was meant to be.

Kana Skincare is a line of beauty products that includes CBD sleeping masks and CBD facial oils. This skincare line distinguishes itself by combining the healing power of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD with botanical secrets of Korean beauty recipes. It’s the caliber of CBD product that The Hemp Haus owners are pleased to feature. And Janice Buu is just the kind of CBD industry visionary they are proud to partner with. 

Health and wellness have always been motivating factors in Janice’s personal and professional endeavors. This is evidenced by a journey that began with a BA in psychology and biology. During her career as a behavioral therapist for children with autism, she found herself at a crossroads. “I learned my most improved patient’s mom was giving her child cannabis oil,” Janice said. “She asked me to keep it confidential.” As a result, Janice was inspired to leave behavioral therapy and pursue an entrepreneurial path paved with cannabis awareness.

“In 2014, everyone was focused on CBD for medicinal applications. I decided to focus on how it could promote wellness and beauty for women,” Janice revealed. After experimenting with natural K-Beauty recipes and testing products with manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada, Janice finally assembled a group of award-winning formulators and chemists from Korea in the U.S. 

Janice recommends Kana CBD Skincare for long-term use. CBD replenishes the skin with vitamins A, E, C and amino acids, and its anti-inflammatory properties heal acne, eczema outbreaks and sensitive skin issues. “I recommend Kana for brides because you will see results right away, and it creates a natural glow that shows even through makeup.” CBD and the K-Beauty aromatherapy botanicals, such as those in the Kana Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask, also have a soothing effect that helps with relaxation and sleep. What bride doesn’t need that?

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