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Helping Families Find Solutions

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Standard living settings are challenging with our aging population. Traditional skilled facilities are becoming old news; integrated communities, smaller group settings, and in-home care agencies are the new outlook. Even with options, one size is not a fit for everyone. If we can have customized shopping and clothing, why can’t we have customized care for our loved ones?

Premier Custom Care began with this premise. All aspects of our care plans, from day-to-day activities and schedules to meal plans, medical support and even each family’s team of caregivers, are built around the client’s needs and what will best help them live at home safely. We discuss with new clients that even though someone is going through the same diagnosis, rehabilitation or illness, they experience it differently and need custom care. We work with families that are battling Parkinson’s, different types of dementia, cancer and other illnesses. Many of these patients see the same doctors and are on the same prescription regimen, yet daily challenges differ.

Premier Custom Care is designed to help families address specific challenges, whether it’s an exercise program, eating better, timely medication reminders or better personal care. Ideally, we want to help our families achieve the best quality of life. We partner with additional local options through communities, support groups, hospice or palliative care so we can refer our families to the next level of care when life needs change.

It is an honor to work in family homes. We design care built on this idea and understand most of our customers have not utilized services like this before. Customized care plans allow a personal touch and take away the sterile feeling of a community setting. We do not “fill shifts.” Personalities play a huge part in anyone’s success and we work diligently to make this connection. We go through an intense vetting process with our caregivers; it is so important this is more than a job to them.

We are proud that our families and caregivers typically start part time with us to see if they like the service and stay on with us for years. Many of our clients begin with short visits, 15 and 20 hours a week, then build from this base when they immediately see the value in the service and our great caregivers.

Caring for our aging population and providing their families support and understanding is our privilege. ■

Alysha Jackson began Premier Custom Care in 2010. Premier Custom Care provides care for families across the Kansas City metro area. specializing in being a resource for clients, and welcomes calls and emails from families seeking information about the types of care available in the area.

Written by: Alysha Jackson