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Discover Vision Centers Presents New Vision Correction Technology

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Sarah Throckmorton is a detective with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. She was almost legally blind before undergoing a new FDA-approved eye procedure called SMILE Vision Correction at Discover Vision Centers.

Dependent on glasses and contacts for several years, Sarah considered eye surgery when allergies made it uncomfortable to continue wearing contacts. She wanted more freedom to do little things such as going to the pool or being active with her family. As a detective, it was frustrating when her glasses would fog up in the patrol car or on the job. Sarah wanted to see clearly, free from hassle and distraction whether at home or at work.

Sarah is one of many patients who have benefited from a procedure that Kansas City eye doctor John Doane, MD, FACS, helped develop and today has performed more than any other U.S. doctor.

Dr. Doane began research and development of SMILE Vision Correction five years ago at Discover Vision. Several patients, like Sarah, were selected during clinical trials as the first candidates to have the latest procedure.

The approval of SMILE Vision Correction represents the first significant FDA approval for a new procedure in more than 20 years. “We’re excited to bring the latest treatment and technology to Kansas City. SMILE allows us to build on the incredible success of LASIK over the past two decades by providing another vision correction option to potentially treat more patients. Our goal is to give patients like Sarah the ability to return to visual freedom to enjoy the things they do,” said Dr. Doane.

Discover Vision Centers is a locally owned Kansas City practice celebrating its 45th anniversary. With more than 30 doctors, eight locations and three surgery centers, it is one of the largest practices in the country.

Dr. John Doane has performed laser vision correction since 1995 and has been ranked among the top 5 percent of laser vision surgeons in the country. Discover Vision’s refractive team has performed more than 45,000 vision correction procedures and counting. For more information on SMILE Vision Correction with Dr. Doane, visit or call 816-283-EYES. ■