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My Look into New York Fashion Week

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Since I’m a fashion lover, visiting the Big Apple during New York Fashion Week has always been a dream of mine. My mother surprised me with a subscription to Women’s Wear Daily, also known as The Fashion Bible, at an early age. This weekly magazine kept me up to date with everything happening in the fashion industry: new designers, new store openings, upcoming trends and my favorite, their inside look into New York Fashion Week. The designers were celebrities and their collections were their personal works of art. I assumed attending fashion week would always remain a dream for me, until this fall.

This September, I was able to see runway shows and scout upcoming trends from designers. What I didn’t expect was the overall exposure to classic New York style. I had a front-row seat to the melting pot of New York street style. Each show I attended brought the top bloggers and media influencers and everyone was dressed to impress. Anything and everything is in style in New York with the right attitude. No one is afraid to push the envelope or dress too boldly. Striped tops with hot pink fur details? Totally normal. People dressed for themselves and wore clothing that showcased their own personal style. Yes, there were many trends on display, such as frayed denim, slide mules, socks with heels, dramatic embellishments, fall florals, unexpected color combos and more sneakers than I could have hoped for! More than the trends, though, was how people were styling pieces to reflect their own personal style. The confidence and energy of the crowds was electric and inspired me to jump-start my own personal style.

For an artist, inspiration is a key input in creating personal style. New York Fashion Week, for a fashion stylist, is the greatest inspiration available. Surrounding yourself with people who love the same things you do is a great way to renew your passion!

You have heard me say before, “If you like it, wear it.” Yes, it’s fun to follow trends and keep up with the hottest looks, but personal style is about digging deep and finding the styles and pieces that speak to you and your personality. It’s empowering to express yourself to other people without even speaking. You can feel confident in your everyday life because when you look good, you feel good. ■

Written by: Abby Wood, @abbywoodwear


Abby Wood is a wardrobe stylist and style blogger in Kansas City, and her education in design plus retail experience make her an expert in fit, fabric, style and trends. Her professional experience in fashion began with an apprenticeship with a bridal designer, shifted to creating and showing her  own line, moving up to management and training at a retail level and now professional styling as an independent consultant. Abby loves to work with individuals and help them develop and evolve their own sense of style. Find her at For daily style finds and tips, you can find Abby instablogging as
@abbywoodwear on Instagram and Facebook.