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Jack Stack Barbecue: Say “I Do” With Barbecue!

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Somewhere between exclaiming “yes” and saying “I do,” the real, somewhat stressful wedding planning begins. After slightly disagreeing on the budget and dealing with a little guest list drama, allow yourself to relax and indulge in one of the best parts of the planning process: selecting the menu for your big day. 

The thought of digging into a saucy slab of ribs in an expensive white dress might sound crazy, but the KC staple is a common contender. From customized menus to full-scale planning services, the Jack Stack Barbecue wedding experience is anything but ordinary. 

Jack Stack Barbecue has a successful 60-year history with multiple locations throughout Kansas City. Chris Hayes, general manager of catering, affirms the restaurant’s reputation built on the foundation of what matters most. “In Kansas City, there are all types of barbecue, but what differentiates us is the experience. It’s all about making the guests feel like family.” In addition to high-quality ingredients and undeniable flavor, Jack Stack’s elevated standard of service is what separates the restaurant from competitors. 

“We take a lot of pride in the level of service you get,” said Kim Stouffer, senior event coordinator. “In everything from the sales team to the catering on-site staff, it’s full-circle customer service.” Kim explained that Jack Stack is completely unique in how it works with brides and grooms throughout the wedding planning process; the intention is to alleviate the overwhelming anxiety. “Couples can come to us first, before any other planning aspects, and we can direct them to a venue.” While you’re checking “food” and “venue” off the planning to-do list, go ahead and cross décor off as well. “From tents to candles, we can cover all rental processes for them.” 

Brides and grooms are welcome to visit Jack Stack for a free tasting. “We like to highlight the overall experience,” Kim said. “It’s more than touching base a week out; we work with couples throughout the whole process. We take over everything from appetizers to the dessert bar and anything that they can envision.”

Jack Stack offers various private event space options that are perfect for hosting your rehearsal dinner. I sat down to taste test two Beyond Barbecue dishes, delighted by the Bride- and Groom-branded bibs on the table, a saving grace for wedding ensembles. I started with the lighter option, the Hickory Roasted Cauliflower and Kale Salad. Roasted pork and pine nuts sit on a bed of crisp kale and cooked cauliflower is sprinkled throughout the dish. The cherry on top is a bright and bold sherry vinaigrette drizzled over the plate. 

Jack Stack’s Beef Burnt Ends puts the typical array of bland wedding food to shame. The crunchy, smoked bark of brisket is doused in a sweet barbecue demi glaze and placed between a hickory-grilled portabella and herb dauphinoise potato. The balance of flavor and texture between the soft meat and potato will make your guests swoon!

Not obsessed with the idea of serving backyard bites at your elegant ballroom reception? “Kansas City loves their barbecue, but our chef has crafted menus to branch out and shed the barbecue mold,” Chris said. The Beyond Barbecue menu features upscale options that fit any theme or venue vibe. If you’re going for a very personalized wedding, Jack Stack can offer the ability to customize and execute traditional family dishes for all guests to enjoy. 

While the brand has always been in the wedding business, Jack Stack is ready to redefine itself within the Kansas City community. As the largest restaurant-owned catering company in the area, Jack Stack services events of all shapes and sizes throughout the metro. “From 10 guests to 10,000, we can accommodate you,” Chris said. The company recently purchased the Ritz Charles Banquet building in south Johnson County. The facility will hold up to 1,000 people and is available for upcoming fall of 2019 nuptials and events. “We’re extremely excited to be able to share this new venture with our guests and offer such a unique experience.” 

Guests will forget the favors, the bridesmaids’ dresses and the expensive floral monogram, but they’ll remember the food. A large variety of edible options from upscale entrees to your beloved barbecue staples makes choosing Jack Stack the easiest decision since your groom proposed. Treat your guest (and yourselves) to a memorable experience with Jack Stack.

Visit or call 800-260-1191 to begin planning your bridal event.

Written by: Meg Kraft

Cravings writer Meg Kraft is a Kansas City transplant from Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to wining, dining and writing, she is a social media specialist and wedding blogger. Meg and her fiancé love exploring their new home and experiencing every flavor that the KC food scene has to offer. She is a pet parent to three French Bulldogs and an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan. Her life motto: count the memories, not the calories.