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SottoPelle® Hormone Replacement: Turn Back the Clock

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Q: Are SottoPelle® hormone replacement pellets better than pills, creams or patches?
A: SottoPelle pellets provide a safe, effective way of dosing for hormone replacement therapy. It closely mirrors what the human body does naturally. This method ensures a steady, around-the-clock low dosage like the body once created. SottoPelle pellets also reduce the highs and lows that are common in other methods such as pills, creams and patches. With SottoPelle you will not have to remember to take a pill, rub on creams or change patches. Pellets also deliver more when your body needs it, such as during exercise or periods of stress. Pellets typically last anywhere from three to four months for females and four to six months for males.

Q: Is SottoPelle® hormone replacement therapy for both men and women?
A: Yes, both men and women can experience symptoms from a decreased level of hormones. Some include brain fog, depression, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, fatigue and low energy levels.  Women can also experience dry skin, vaginal dryness, increased body fat, hot flashes, night sweats and hair loss. SottoPelle pellets are individualized to address each patient’s needs. Patients often say that they “feel more like themselves again” after starting their hormone pellets.  They sleep better, have more energy, and have an increased libido.

Written by: Dr. Laura Ray

Dr. Laura Ray is board certified in family medicine and has a keen interest in women’s health and hormone replacement therapy. She believes that every patient deserves to be a in a partnership with a provider who they feel connected to and feel they can trust with their life. Each patient has the right and responsibility to be fully involved in their healthcare, giving her the opportunity to practice medicine with her patients, not for her patients. By treating the whole patient with warmth, understanding and compassion, Dr. Ray’s goal is to ensure a more positive outcome for everyone.
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