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Keep Your Pet Pampered Away from Home

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Q: Do you track my pet’s eating habits or health while they are lodging?

A: Yes, we absolutely do! Each guest is monitored with our Comprehensive 5-Point Wellness Check throughout each day of their stay. The wellness check is important so that each pet’s urine and stool patterns, food intake, energy level, water intake and overall health are tracked daily. This is to ensure any change in the pet’s overall daily health is noted and tracked.


Q: What is the best age to start bringing my pet to daycare? 

A: We recommend starting puppies at 12 weeks of age. The first step before a puppy can socialize in our daycare is to be current on all boosters. We recommend starting your puppy at 12 weeks because studies have found that after 12 weeks puppies are more cautious of things they have not yet encountered. From about 12 to 18 weeks old, the opportunity to easily socialize the puppy ends, and with each passing week it becomes harder to get the pup to accept and enjoy something that he’s initially wary of.

Written by: Erin Dean

Erin Dean, owner, opened Sydney’s Pet Resort & Spa in October 2006, all for the love of her rescue dog, Sydney. When Erin was on travel for work and Sydney was alone, the dog was very high maintenance and full of energy. Erin asked, “What could be better than to start a place where Sydney would feel at home, have fun and be comfortable? With Sydney in mind, Erin created Sydney’s Pet Resort & Spa to allow each client to customize their pet’s stay; a la carte amenities ensure that pets feel at home during their stay. Sydney’s offers lodging packages with built-in savings for puppies to older dogs that need extra TLC. Erin loves meeting the new dogs and cats that come to Sydney’s and feels they are all part of the “Sydney’s Family.”