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Halo and Float Therapy for Body, Mind and Soul

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Q: What is Dry Salt Halo Therapy and how is it beneficial?
A: The treatment involves breathing in microscopic particles of dry salt that are infused into the treatment room. The size of the particles enables them to reach down to the cellular level. The salt particles stimulate the airway lining and improve mucous clearance. Salt is a powerful anti-viral and anti-microbial agent that provides a significant boost to the immune system. It not only alleviates symptoms but helps prevent them from recurring, thereby helping to ward off sickness and reduce dependence on over-the-counter medications.

Q: What is Flotation Therapy and how is it beneficial?
During a float, you step into a large float room and lie back in body-temperature water in which more than 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts has been dissolved. This solution allows you to float on the surface of the water and literally become weightless. Flotation therapy, or sensory deprivation therapy, provides many benefits, including deep muscular relaxation; accelerated healing of injuries; pain relief; enhanced creativity, focus and performance; significantly increased energy level; and reduced stress, heart rate and blood pressure. 

Terry Amerine was driven by his diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes to begin a quest to find natural health solutions that were based on solid scientific and clinical data. His research resulted in Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa. The two leading causes of health issues in adults and children are allergies and stress. There is no cure for either, they can only be managed. All of our treatments are specifically focused to address both.  At Salinity – “Improving our customers’ health and quality of life with natural solutions is not just our passion; it is our personal commitment to every customer.”