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Facts about Mammography

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Does insurance pay for a mammogram?
Insurance pays 100 percent of the cost for a screening mammogram. If you need additional diagnostic imaging or a biopsy, insurance will cover this but out of pocket costs can vary greatly. It’s important to compare costs between facilities, as the difference can be thousands of dollars! At Imaging for Women, we maintain state-of-the-art standards while keeping our costs down for our patients. Our team of dedicated, fellowship trained breast radiologists give you specialty care without the big price tag.

I have been told I have dense breast tissue. What does that mean?
Dense breast tissue can make breast cancer harder to detect because dense tissue and masses both show up as white on a mammogram. 3D, or tomosynthesis, mammography helps, but some cancers are still hidden by dense tissue. At Imaging for Women, we also offer screening breast ultrasound to find those cancers that aren’t visible on mammography. We read over 4,500 of these studies per year and provide you with results before you leave, giving you peace of mind. 

Written by: Allison Zupon, MD

Allison Zupon, MD, is a board-certified radiologist at Imaging for Women. Dr. Zupon completed a year-long fellowship training in breast imaging at the University of Kansas Health System. Dr. Zupon is part of a team of three trained, dedicated breast experts at Imaging for Women.