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Young Living Essential Oils

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To be honest, I chose Young Living Essential Oils because I didn’t know other oil companies existed! I didn’t know anyone using them so I reached out to another oil-using mom I met on Facebook. After learning about their high quality, Seed to Seal Guarantee and excellent customer service, I was sold. I loved that Young Living owned their farms, distilled their own crops and kept all production in-house guaranteeing I receive the most pure oils possible.

I purchased a Premium Starter Kit in April 2014 to bring in a little extra money for my family. My goal was to be able to pay the rent. Since starting the business, I have created a healthier home that no longer uses chemical cleaners or relies on medication. And, I now pay the rent! This business has provided a freedom for my family that I never expected. I’m grateful for the business and the new community of friends and family I now have.

Working is always more fun when you can do it with people you love! I used to go weeks without talking to my sisters, now we barely make it hours! I love the unity and closeness doing business together has brought to our relationship. We want to see the others succeed, so we have no hidden agendas, no unmet expectations; we know each other too well! This middle sister is finally the boss to both her sisters. How can I argue with that?!

Lindsay Wells
Young Living Independent Distributor
Member #1783150
Facebook: Lindsay Wells
Instagram: @louwells
Favorite Oil: Thieves

Along with yoga, surfing and walking my dog, I enjoy being an advocate for natural health and encouraging others to seek natural and safe remedies. For me, a natural and healthy lifestyle is very important. Essential oils were really something I gravitated to. The more I started using them, the more I loved them and looked to them instead of traditional medicine. Knowing that what I put in my body and my home is 100 percent safe is really rewarding to me. Through platforms like my blog I have been able to connect with so many people and have conversations on how to live a positive, healthy life! Essential oils have become an important part of my everyday routine and truly transformed my life!

I love that Young Living has a Seed to Seal Guarantee and sets such high quality standards. I am the crazy person who will pay $5 for an avocado just to know it’s organic and the best! I have tried many other essential oil companies and I feel that Young Living is by far the best in quality and effectiveness.

I live in Southern California and it’s hard living far apart from my sisters. Oils keep me communicating and connecting with them. We used to talk every few weeks and now we are on the phone almost every day and so much more involved with each other’s lives! As the newest to the business, these two think they are the boss of me, but let’s be real; I am really the boss here!

Olivia Macdonald
Young Living Independent Distributor
Member #3108515
Instagram: @ohliveamac
Favorite Oil: Peppermint

Lack of sleep led me to Young Living Essential Oils. Living with a toddler who never slept was draining and I became desperate. There’s no magical story here, but what happened over time was even better. Since giving that one oil–Peace and Calming II–a try, the health of my family has completely changed. I admit I was a skeptic at first, but today oils are a staple in our home. They have made a believer out of me!

We use oils daily for everything from bumps and bruises to allergies and stomachaches and at homework time. Heck, I even use them on the dog! Young Living Essential Oils have made us healthier, and they’ve given me the opportunity to stay home and still earn a little money. Hey, Mama needs to buy herself a coffee sometimes!

Young Living’s Seed to Seal Guarantee means that I don’t have to worry about the quality of the product. They have that covered with their high standard for purity and authenticity. Their distillation process is like no other company, and they even worry about the dirt before they plant anything- This mom ain’t got time for that; thankfully, Young Living does!

Working with my sisters has been a blast! We talk often and get to share our successes. We are closer and can help so many others on their oil journey, although it’s totally unfair that Lindsay is my boss. I’m the oldest; I should be the boss! At least I have Olivia to boss around!

Nicole Grauman
Young Living Independent Distributor
Member #3010544
Instagram: @nicolegrauman
Favorite Oil: RC

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