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Lodi Soap Co. Natural Skin Care

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Soap making became a craft for me when I realized the demand for the natural product was rising with family and friends.

In picking up handcrafted soaps on trips, I noticed a common ingredient–olive oil. With more than enough EVOO for our family to use, I thought about making a natural soap that locals or visitors to Lodi could enjoy for themselves, take home or buy as gifts.

Lodi Soap Co. stems from our family’s original brand, a small olive oil company, Olio Verdad, or “True Oil” in Spanish. We planted a couple hundred Arbequina olive trees on our property in Lodi in summer 2011, and the trees have thrived in our sandy loam soil. Within three years, the trees were yielding a bigger crop than we’d imagined. We harvested, pressed and milled our first crop into oil in 2014 and have produced California Olive Oil Council-certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil every year since. We’re also part of CA Grown. Our oil is fresh, not a blend, perfect for clean eating; use it on fresh vegetables, salmon and other foods.

Consuming olive oil is beneficial and the advantages of applying it on the skin alone are unmatched. We use the best natural ingredients for soap making, combining plant-based essential oils, activated charcoal, sea clays, Dead Sea salt and lavender.

Our olive oil and soap can be found in Lodi at Borra Winery and French at Heart boutique. Bordeaux Inn bed and breakfast provides our soaps for guests, and their food is cooked with our olive oil as well. ■

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Written by: Yolanda Vera