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Susan and True Lambie

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Tied the Knot: June 3, 2017

Susan (Ripken) Lambie, 36, attended Cuesta College, California Polytechnic State University, and completed her bachelors in science for business administration and management from Columbia College. Sue is the owner/manager of her family’s winery, Ripken Vineyards & Winery.

True Lambie, 37, entered the U. S. Navy after high school, then completed radiology technician school; he works for Kaiser in Radiology/CT. His name is derived from his mother’s maiden name, Truitt. The couple lives in Lodi, in the house Sue’s parents lived in when they first married 48 years ago; they have two dogs, two cats and a pig, all of which live in the house with them.

Sue’s brother-in-law, Ben Kolber, is considered the person responsible for connecting them. He and True played Dixieland jazz together and invited True to play trumpet with the Delta College band. That night, Ben asked True if he would like to date his sister-in-law; at a subsequent lunch with his wife and Sue, he asked Sue if she would like to date his friend, True. The fateful text message was, “True, meet my favorite sister-in-law, Sue. Sue, meet my friend True. I’m out.” The texting began, but life intervened until a group message from Ben on Super Bowl Sunday 2016, and True decided to act.

True was living on his sailboat; Valentine’s Day was coming up and he asked Sue, “If you don’t have plans, I’d like to take you sailing.” Sue accepted. At the last minute, he picked up snacks and a bouquet of flowers, since no girl should spend Valentine’s Day without flowers. And so they went for a sail–to Pig Island, since he knew she had a pet pig, then to Garlic Brothers for dinner.

On Thanksgiving Day 2016, True suggested they go for a morning run on the levee of one of Sue’s family properties on the Delta, in the vineyard where her grandfather started in Lodi. He proposed under the walnut tree where her father fished as a child.

The blissful couple tied the knot June 3, 2017, in a ceremony filled with family. Sue’s Matron of Honor was Madelyn Kolber, her sister; bridesmaids were Christina Lambie, Zoey Merrill and Emily Ripken. True’s brother, Jamaica Lambie, was Best Man; groomsmen were Brett Guest, Jeff Merrill and Ryan Ripken. Flower girls were Sadie Kolber, Cora Lambie, Tenley Merrill and Leah Pettingill; escorts were Simon Kolber, Judah Kolber, Ronan Lambie, Nate Ripken and Reuben Ripken. Ben Kolber officiated the ceremony.

“We incorporated fun and personal touches, including getting married at our winery,” smiles Sue. “I arrived in a 1950 Cadillac, True in his restored 1956 GMC truck. The guys all wore special cork bow ties from Portugal. I walked down the aisle to “Take my Hand,” and our first dance was to “True Love” by Pat Benatar.

“We planted wild flowers between the rows of grapes for our wedding, and served Scotto cider and Ripken wine, with a dessert bar from Corner Scone and donut holes from J & D Donuts. Our wedding favors were a bottle of our olive oil and a bottle of our red wine vinegar.”

Sue and True spent an amazing honeymoon in Paris, France. ■