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Heather and Todd Valone

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Heather Valone, 28, grew up in Herald, California, and graduated from Sacramento State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She’s a true animal lover and enjoys traveling with her new groom. Heather and Todd live in Stockton and plan to one day move back to the country and have a little farm of their own.

Todd Valone, 35, has lived in Stockton his entire life. He’s employed with the Stockton Police Department and loves serving and helping the community. When he and Heather aren’t traveling, he enjoys working on the house and doing remodeling.

“Todd and I met years ago through my dad, who was his sergeant at the time for the police department,” Heather smiles. “My dad arranged a ride-along for me, and the officer I rode with happened to be Todd. We hit it off from the start and continued to form a wonderful relationship together!”

Todd chose Valentine’s Day weekend for his proposal. “He knows I’m a big fan of penguins, so he surprised me with a trip to the San Francisco Zoo,” Heather recalls. “He led me to the penguin exhibit with all the cute little penguins and recited to me a fun animal fact I had mentioned to him while we were dating, that penguins search for the perfect stone to present to their mate. During this fun romantic speech, he got down on one knee in front of everyone and proposed!”

The blissful couple tied the knot September 23, 2017. Of the seven bridal attendants, Heather’s Maid of Honor was her best friend, Ashley; bridesmaids were friends Jena, Chelsea, Chelsey, Chrissy, Paige and Tara, her sister-in-law. Todd’s Best Men were his older brother, Kevin, and twin brother, Troy. Groomsmen were Heather’s brother, Steven, and Troy’s friends Will, Jason, Lucas and Travis.

“Our wedding day was everything we could imagine and more!” Heather describes. “We chose an enchanted fairy tale theme, and everything came together so beautifully. It’s such a great feeling the day of the wedding seeing all your hard work and everyone else’s come together! I felt like a true princess and we have this magical, enchanting day to remember for the rest of our lives. We enjoyed every second of it and being surrounded by our friends and family was truly a dream come true.”

Heather and Todd continued the family tradition of honeymooning in Hawaii, where they spend three weeks island-hopping throughout the beautiful state.

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