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Truex Insurance: On a Mission

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Business success does not come by accident. It is the product of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent execution and a strong commitment to customers. This formula for success is something that Truex Insurance of Stockton and Elk Grove knows well.

This recipe, paired with knowledge of the products and services and an unbeatable team of insurance professionals, has allowed Truex Insurance to become one of the largest independently owned agencies not only in Stockton, but throughout the Central Valley.

Strongly Defined Goals
Truex Insurance in Stockton is also on a mission: they want to cover people. They want to make people whole. James Watt, owner, explained, “It all starts with the basic concept of insurance itself: indemnity. That word means ‘make whole.’ Everything we do is aligned to that concept. It’s what we work for every day.”

The Truex brand has stood for quality and service in the Central Valley since the 1960s. With the reconfiguration of the ownership group in 2010, Larry Lee, Jeff Tokunaga and James Watt capitalized on this reputation while also transitioning the company to better engage with both existing clients, and those new to Truex who are looking for the convenience and responsiveness of a mass marketed carrier, but also the expertise and personal support of an independent agency. “Prior to the reconfiguration, we used to focus on the ‘Truex client,’ who was usually someone who wanted to come into the office, sit down and chat for a while. We still have, and love, these clients. Now, however, we also have clients that want to communicate by text, chat box and social media. They’re shopping for insurance digitally. The mission is the same; we’ve got to cover them.”

A Culture of Professionalism
The mission of full and appropriate coverage starts with a sales and support staff that are some of the most highly trained in the business and who are continually learning. Lee, Tokunaga and Watt, who are all Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter certified, or CPCU, the premiere certification in the industry, set the example for their staff. Life-long learning and ongoing professional development are part of the culture. “Right now, we have two senior staff preparing for the CPCU, and five others are studying for other industry certifications,” Watt noted. “We never stop. Insurance is always changing; our knowledge base has to be up-to-the-minute current or we can’t make sure our clients are covered in the best way possible.”

The Truex Team insists they are not salespeople; rather, they are risk management professionals with a duty to listen to, educate, advise and consult with the client. “We make sure they have the information they need to make the best decision for themselves, their family and their business.”

Truex is coverage focused, whether it is for personal, such as home and auto, business, health or life. “We have spent years developing dedicated relationships with our carriers. These relationships go far beyond email correspondence, far beyond a transactional relationship. Because of this we are able to deliver the best price to our clients,” Watt affirmed. “However, we know our client won’t care about the price if they don’t have the coverage that’s right for them. For us, price and coverage are not an either-or proposition; they’re a both-and goal.”

Focus on Service
Above all, Truex Insurance prides itself on its outstanding customer service. “Integrity means doing the right thing all the time. We can’t just sell a policy and walk away,” Watt said. “With the first consultation, our agents start a lifelong relationship with the client, and they reach out to the client on a regular basis to make sure that their ongoing needs are met and that they’re covered.

“Our service team nurtures that relationship every day. They answer questions, explain coverage, advocate for and support the client. When our clients are in need, they don’t get a call center; they’re reaching out to a friend.”

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