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True You Hot Yoga: Healing for Body and Mind

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Dedicated yoga practitioners already know that yoga holds the power to heal the mind, body and spirit. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, the benefits can have a significant impact on your well-being. Stress, anxiety and busy lifestyles leave us feeling drained and unhealthy, and finding a path to wellness is often easier said than done.

Yoga has ancient roots, and its modern practice still harbors the same purpose: transcending the physical body to provide a path to healing from within. A regular yoga practice can lead to a healthier lifestyle by reducing stress and adding the benefit of tightening and toning the body.

Heat It Up!
Although there are many forms of yoga to choose from, hot yoga is a popular choice among those seeking health and vitality for body and mind. It may sound intimidating, but the heat is a vital aspect of the practice and makes the therapeutic nature of hot yoga so valuable. It allows the body to warm and soften up, so you can do the poses safely. The heat also encourages a purifying sweat that can rejuvenate the skin while releasing toxins.

Helena Monica, longtime yogi and CEO of True You Hot Yoga in Stockton, recognizes that the heat may seem a bit unnerving for some, and she shares its therapeutic nature to convey the benefits it delivers. “I think some people have a preconceived notion that hot yoga is too intense. The heat is scary, but you can never know until you’ve experienced it a few times. There is this moment when it just clicks,” she noted. “Then there’s nothing else that compares to it.” Her best advice for those who are on the fence about trying hot yoga is, “Don’t be afraid of the heat! Once you brave the heat for the first time, it soon becomes your best friend and provides the practitioner so much ability and relief during and after class.”

Building Her Brand
 “When I changed my studio name to True You Hot Yoga, it was a great opportunity to develop my own branding, which has taken root in the community,” Helena asserted. “I’m proud that my team of 18 and I have created a new brand and turned it into a thriving business once again! Rebranding was hard work and I am still building.”

True You Hot Yoga’s variety of yoga classes tone and strengthen the body through the healing power that yoga offers. Classes include Hot Vinyasa, Inferno Hot Pilates and Yin Yoga. “I wanted to provide a whole-body experience. My business ideology has shifted to provide a multi-modality structure that helps balance out strength and flexibility. I wanted it all under one roof where people can come to find community and a place to heal themselves,” shared Helena.

To accommodate the growth of her brand, Helena is adding an additional room to her Stockton studio. “True You Stockton is a healing center. People recovering from all types of ailments and life circumstances come here to practice yoga. They find like-minded people and develop important relationships that further their healing. Because the entire program deeply lends to that personal healing, I have had the pleasure of watching people’s lives change.”

Healing Power
“People have come here who are severely depressed and anxiety ridden. I have watched people transform their lives through the practice of yoga,” Helena affirmed. “They make friends and find their sense of power from within while healing their mind and body. True You has touched a lot of lives! I am not necessarily the owner but a good steward of God’s plan. It’s not my studio; it’s ours.”

Helena can attest to hot yoga’s benefits. Diagnosed with severe scoliosis as a child, she found a path to healing her body through Bikram yoga. “I was suffering from structural problems with my body from scoliosis. I had severe lower back pain; my knees hurt, and I was so uncomfortable. I would run for both my emotional and physical health, but I reached a point that allowed me to step back and realize that it hurt too much. It wasn’t until I discovered yoga that I realized I could fix myself,” revealed Helena. She began her yoga teaching career in 2006 after attending Bikram’s College of India Teacher Training. Since opening her first studio in Stockton in 2008, Helena has been teaching, inspiring and living her passion every day by helping others discover the tremendous benefits of yoga and providing a sense of community to those who need it the most.

Yoga off the Mat
A consistent yoga practice helps provide balance both on and off the mat. “One of my goals is to get people to understand yoga off the mat. I want them to stay in this place of concentration and stay focused, which is so much easier said than done. But it can be done. You can stay in a place of concentration and meditation that aids well-being, positive thinking and gratitude while being in alignment with purity.”

The science behind the practice of yoga is a relatively modern notion compared to its ancient roots. Yet the benefits often exceed expectations, providing those who practice a place of healing, strength and incredible focus. “Maybe you should go and surprise yourself! Go outside your current belief system and surprise yourself!” Helena smiled. “You may just find something that you didn’t believe was possible.”

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