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Sheri Cecchini: Creating Memories with Trail Beadz™

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Carving out her own path, Sheri Cecchini, owner of Trail Beadz™, has developed a business concept that boosts tourism and promotes local hot spots in Central Valley, most notably, the Lodi wine region.

“The best part about Lodi is that there are many fun, unique wineries in a small geographical area,” said Sheri. “Locals and tourists alike can enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting and collect signature beads by following the Trail Beadz Lodi map.” 

The Idea
“I was traveling abroad and out wine tasting, and I noticed that people were collecting beads and talking about where they were going next, which was another winery, so they could get another bead for their bracelets,” said Sheri. She noted that wineries were using this concept to create mementos that would draw people to their locations. 

“I thought it was such a great idea, and it dawned on me that it would be a great business idea, especially for the Lodi area, because of all the wineries” shared Sheri. “The idea that these beads could influence which wineries people went to was really the foundation for Trail Beadz,” said Sheri. “Plus, the beads were such a cute idea and unique memento that I was able to bring home from my trip.” 

Sheri’s entrepreneurial idea formed during a time when her career wasn’t as fulfilling as she wanted it to be. “I wasn’t having any fun. The commute was extremely long, and I felt I needed something different. I believe that when opportunities are presented to us we have be open to recognizing them. I watched all of these people having so much fun showing off their bracelets with the beads they had collected at the wineries. Before I knew it, I was busy planning a business model around the concept, and I launched it in November 2017,” she affirmed. 

Telling A Story
Every great moment begins with an experience and ends with a story. The mission of Trail Beadz is to help businesses tell their stories by connecting with customers on a personal level. “One of our wineries on the Lodi Trail has a tasting room that used to be a barn. It’s unique and cute. We worked together to find the perfect bead for them, and they chose a bead in the shape of a barn, which is a perfect representation for their winery. When people purchase a bead from them, they will always have a special reminder and a story about where the bead came from,” said Sheri. 

Trail Beadz partners can take advantage of extensive social media campaigns and an exclusive spot on the Lodi Trail map to further share their stories. Maps are online; printed copies can be found at any business partner location. Additional benefits include a listing on the Trail Beadz website with information about following the trails. Visitors purchase a bracelet for $14.99 at a participating business, and then collect the unique beads for $6.99 each. Spacer beads are available for $8.99. 

The Lodi Trail
The Lodi Trail is a unique combination of wineries and local businesses that have partnered with Trail Beadz. “One of the things I found while researching the wineries in the Lodi region was that there are a lot of wineries, around 85 to choose from; someone who isn’t from the area might not know where to begin. The Trail Beadz map is one way to guide people to unique locations and events while providing them a fun, memorable experience,” said Sheri. 

Currently, the Lodi Trail has 17 partner locations. “Each business that wants to participate in Trail Beadz receives a custom display, printed maps for customers, a signature bead and additional marketing through the Trail Beadz website,” noted Sheri. The bead choice is important to her, and she strives to help each business select the perfect one. “I work with each of the Trail Beadz partners to choose a bead that best represents their winery or business. There are a lot to choose from, and they’re very affordable. I provide a small display where people can find maps and purchase the beads and bracelets from those specific locations listed on the map.” 

Partnering for a Purpose
Working with the community is a passion for Sheri as she grows Trail Beadz. Partnering with Wags to Riches, Sheri donated cat- and dog-shaped beads that can be purchased at the shelter; proceeds go toward a new animal shelter. “I thought it was such a great way to help raise money, and I’m such an animal lover,” shared Sheri. 

“Trail Beadz and our business partners can help visitors to Lodi tell a unique story about their experience,” Sherri affirmed. “They’re affordable, fun, and each bracelet is one-of-a-kind!”

For information about Trail Beadz destinations or to become a business partner, visit or call Sheri Cecchini at 608-438-7025.