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San Joaquin General Hospital: Delivering Dedicated Midwifery Services

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Having a baby is a tremendously touching experience, but pregnancy itself is different for everyone. Because pregnancy often coincides with a plethora of unknowns, working with dedicated healthcare professionals throughout the pregnancy and the birth process can provide much-needed support and education. 

Additional support during pregnancy can be harnessed by working with a certified nurse midwife. Midwives offer both emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, providing an added element of support for expecting families. Mandana Motameni, Certified Nurse Midwife at San Joaquin General Hospital, is dedicated to helping expecting mothers with pregnancy and the birth process. “The midwife’s goal is to achieve optimal health for women combined with expertise in gynecologic care. Midwives provide the mother with individualized education, counseling and prenatal care, continuous hands-on assistance during labor and delivery and postpartum support,” shared Mandana. San Joaquin General Hospital supports the practice of midwives by promoting education, workshops and advocacy that advance clinical excellence and the expansion of a diverse midwifery workforce; The hospital uses regulation and institutional policies that establish midwifery as the standard of care for women.

Individualized Care for Expecting Mothers
As a Center for Excellence for Women and children’s services, the team of experienced women’s health care professionals at San Joaquin General Hospital Family Maternity Center are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality of care. Maternity services include an on-site OB/GYN physician, certified nurse midwives and an aesthetician that are available 24 hours a day. The Family Maternity Center also provides expecting mothers with private birthing rooms and showers, and two designated operating rooms for cesarean sections. 

Midwives are care providers who “focus on the needs of the individual and family for physical care, emotional and social support and active involvement of significant others according to the cultural values and personal preferences,” as a primary principle of patient-centered care states. More than half the babies born at the Family Maternity Center are delivered by midwives. Midwife services are available 24 hours a day, and translation services are also available 24 hours a day, with a Spanish-speaking maternity advocate available to ensure that all patients are comfortable and experience labor and delivery in a caring environment. 

The Family Maternity Center provides midwives for patients who are seeking additional support both during and after pregnancy. With benefits that include help with emotional and physical needs for expecting mothers, midwives offer expecting families an added level of support that often extends beyond traditional care. “Studies continue to show that expecting mothers who choose to work with a midwife have increased access to prenatal care, lower rates of cesarean births and obstetric interventions,” affirmed Mandana. Additionally, midwives can help new mothers with breastfeeding, handle the anxieties of becoming a new mom, improve nutrition for both mom and baby, provide labor support and postpartum care and support. 

Midwives for Expecting Families
The Family Maternity Center at San Joaquin General Hospital was designed to assist expecting mothers and fathers with a wide range of pregnancy services, including prenatal and postpartum services, as well as support and education before, during and after delivery. Certified nurse midwives are medical professionals that are first registered nurses who undergo an added level of specialized training. Midwives are accredited through the American College of Nurse-Midwives Division of Accreditation and have passed a national certification examination to receive the professional designation of certified nurse-midwife. San Joaquin General Hospital is actively implementing California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative guidelines to train their midwives, MDs, and RNs to consistently improve performance and provide excellent care supporting vaginal deliveries and preventing unnecessary cesarean sections. All services provided by midwives are covered under health insurance. 

Since 1857, San Joaquin General Hospital has provided the residents of Central Valley with access to exceptional health care in an environment that caters to the needs of patients. Committed to creating a warm and personal environment that enhances a patient’s health care experience, their mission is to accommodate both physical and emotional needs combined with sincere dedication to the patients they serve. 

With an emphasis on providing exceptional care for expecting mothers and families, the Family Maternity Center provides a devoted team of health care professionals ready to help patients at every stage of pregnancy and beyond. Continuing the tradition of serving and caring for patients, San Joaquin General Hospital is an acute care facility that offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services.

For more information about San Joaquin General Hospital’s Midwife Program and the Family Maternity Center, visit or call 209-468-6000.