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No Limits Sports Nutrition: Keeping the Legend Alive

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If you’re looking for advice on the right nutrition, training and supplements to reach your fitness goals, stopping by No Limits Sports Nutrition in the Lakewood Mall in Lodi can help make it happen. 

Codie and Bart Lally purchased No Limits Sports Nutrition, formerly owned by Jed Green, who passed away in 2016, to keep the legend of Jed alive. “We are really honored to be the ones who took over for Jed. The business is very sentimental for people and our mission is to keep his legacy alive by keeping the business family oriented. The doors are always open,” said Codie. 

After more than 14 years in the western industry, Codie was ready for a career change. “I had been working in the retail industry for a long time and I was looking for something different to pursue. Purchasing the business was truly a blessing,” she shared. Her husband, Bart, was good friends with Jed, and she had shared the pleasure of knowing him; they both realized they wanted to make a career change, and they set out to purchase No Limits Sports Nutrition. When they were contacted with the offer to purchase, they didn’t hesitate to accept. The couple decided to keep No Limits in homage to Jed; a photo of him hangs on the wall and many people stop by to share stories about his legacy. 

Helping Customers Meet Fitness Goals
Training and regular workouts can often deplete the body of vital nutrients, vitamins and additional compounds needed to gain muscle and burn unwanted fat. Supplements are often used to keep the body healthy during rigorous workouts while helping to support overall health and wellness. 

Although eating healthy is an essential aspect of overall health, adding a nutrition supplement can offer additional support during training and workouts. Supplements and vitamins are designed to help build lean muscle and ensure that fat loss goals are on the right track. To help customers with finding the right supplements and vitamins, Codie offers free fitness and nutrition consultations. “I want everyone who comes to No Limits to feel welcome and know that if they have questions, we are happy to help,” shared Codie. “Our goal is to cater to the needs of individuals by educating customers on which products will work best for their specific needs and fitness goals.”

In addition to vitamins and supplements, No Limits Sports Nutrition also offers a variety of protein shakes, CBD oil, No Limits attire and more. Protein shakes are an excellent way to boost protein for fast muscle recovery, curb hunger and to avoid consuming unnecessary calories. 

Valley Meal Prep
Busy lifestyles are at the core of poor nutrition. With so many fast food options, it can be easy to choose a fast meal over a nutritious meal. Additionally, eating poorly can hinder fitness goals and lead to unnecessary weight gain. However, including lean proteins and healthy, organic vegetables in daily meals can ensure fitness goals are on track. No Limits Sports Nutrition stocks a variety of Valley Meal Prep meals to provide convenient and healthy meal options. 

Valley Meal Prep meals only use the freshest ingredients sourced from local, organic farms in Central Valley. All meals are made from hormone-free and cage-free proteins with organic produce available. A full menu can be found on the No Limits Sports Nutrition website and meal prep can be catered to meet specific fitness and nutrition needs catered to individual goals. Meals are stocked daily, and customers are welcome to stop by and grab a healthy meal. 

Tanning and Monat Products
As a one-stop gainz shop for all your fitness and nutrition needs, No Limits Sports Nutrition also offers a stand-up tanning bed. It’s affordable and convenient; customers can enjoy a fresh, organic meal perfectly portioned to fit their needs and enjoy the benefits of tanning. Monthly packages are available, and walk-ins are always welcome. 

No Limits Sports Nutrition also provides Monat hair products, which are designed to help create beautiful hair while offering a variety of styling products for both men and women. Monat, short for Mother Nature, focuses on providing botanical- and organic-based products to remedy hair issues. 

With health and fitness at the center of the business, No Limits Sports Nutrition offers a large variety of nutrition and dietary supplements, meal prep options, tanning and additional products to ensure the best ingredients and products are available to customers. Become a No Limits Athlete today.

For more information about No Limits Sports Nutrition, visit or call Codie or Bart at 209-368-7867. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest from No Limits Sports Nutrition.