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Midgley’s Goes Mobile!

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Happy news! Midgley’s Public House is now on wheels! 

Their new food truck, Midgley’s Public Truck, is ready to roll. The fab culinary team of Michael and Laci Midgley decided to do a food truck as an extension of their restaurant’s current catering business. “Also, we created the truck so we could be present at off-premise events such as street fairs, farmer’s markets, breweries, wineries and other events,” Laci noted.

Midgley’s Public Truck serves American cuisine when on the streets. The fare is a more casual and affordable version than the American cuisine served at their restaurant. The menu changes often, with offerings that include customized cheeseburgers, a California chicken sandwich, pulled pork, meatball sandwich, house salad and clam chowder. All delicious menu items are filled with the signature taste of Midgley’s Public House.

To Your Taste
When the truck serves private or public events, that menu can vary according to the menu people customize with them, or for the event they are parking in. “We have a semi-permanent spot in Parkwoods Plaza in Stockton, California, but we are booking up more and more for events during the spring and summer, so it is important to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to see our location, and if it is open to the public or private,” Laci continued. “We have always done catering out of our restaurant, but the truck allows us to extend the type of catering we can do and the types of places we can go to sell our food. It really helps us to reach people who may not know of Midgley’s Public House or who have not been to our restaurant.”

The mobilization of Midgley’s Public Truck was spurred by the surge of food trucks in the Central Valley, especially the abundance of really great taco trucks as well as other cuisines. The Midgleys wanted to be a part of that experience and growth. 

Fun and Fast
Laci and Michael believe any food can be prepared out of a food truck, and people love that there are more choices now when it comes to food trucks. “We also have a built-in sound system that makes our public and private events extra fun, combined with a state-of-the-art kitchen with everything you need to prepare any type of food,” she smiled. “We were lucky enough to have it custom built from the ground up with everything our chef deemed necessary to produce the food we serve properly and efficiently.”

With Michael’s celebrity chef experience and fun approach to food and Laci’s infectious personality, Midgley’s Public Truck is sure to be a hot rod on the road!

Contact to check date availability and pricing for special events.