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Make Your Heart Happy at Bella’s Closet

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“Every time I wear something from Bella’s Closet, I get a compliment. I love this store!”

For a unique fashion boutique, this observation from a happy customer is the ultimate compliment, one that’s also a common thread among patrons of Bella’s Closet. Located in Downtown Lodi, Bella’s Closet has made a name for itself by offering fun and trendy fashion and accessories that won’t break the bank. It’s known for having distinct clothing items in a variety of price ranges and styles, and satisfied customers continue to flock to this 1,500-square-foot retail space on West Pine Street to discover exclusive looks for children, teens, moms and grandparents.

Owner Alycia Green opened Bella’s Closet in 2015 with the goal of offering Central Valley fashionistas the chance to find boutique styles and brands that weren’t available locally. As an avid appreciator of the fun, hip and trendy, this ambitious young owner felt that opening her own business was a natural progression in her quest to bring style and affordability to San Joaquin County.

Creating a Social Network
“I have always been obsessed with clothes shopping in small boutiques. I have also always wanted my own store to bring my passion for style to others,” Alycia noted. “Most people I knew who were looking for something different were shopping online to get their hands on those unique looks and must-have items. I feel that it’s so much more fun to see clothes in person and be able to touch, feel and try them on. Clothes shopping is such a social experience and such a fun way for moms and daughters to bond. I wanted to bring that upbeat experience to Lodi while also offering clothing, jewelry, footwear, purses and more that would be new and fresh to the area.”

From super-cute graphic tees, must-have shorts to sassy dresses and even classy evening looks that are perfect for date night, Alycia has worked very hard to select styles and brands that are different from what shoppers typically find locally. “I focus on brands and pieces that avoid the department store cookie-cutter look. I bring in limited amounts of each style and size to all but eliminate those annoying moments of ‘Hey, she has the same outfit as me!’” she added with a laugh.

Trendy and Contemporary
The Bella’s Closet collections include notable boutique brands such as Articles of Society®, Parker Smith® and Lucy Love®; there’s even a highly popular line of men’s graphic tees that appeals to female shoppers. The growing business also carries several boutique lines of clothing that make coordinating looks for both moms and their children, such as Spiritual Gangster®, Good Human® and Chaser® brands. “I have grandmothers who bring their teenage granddaughters in and they ultimately both leave with new goodies. This boutique has something for every age demographic.”

Accessories are another fashion staple that Bella’s Closet has earned a stellar reputation for providing. Shoes, purses and other accessories are abundant in the store, but jewelry is a perennial favorite of Alycia’s clientele. From show-stopping statement necklaces to basic style pieces, some of her most popular jewelry lines are not only handcrafted, but have a greater purpose. “I love beautiful fashion items that have a purpose,” she noted. “The 3StrandsGlobalFoundation, or 3SGF, fights human trafficking through the sale of bracelets and other handmade products made by survivors and at-risk youth around the world. When my customers buy the gorgeous pieces from 3SGF, they are also supporting programs and empowering organizations aligned with the organization’s mission. It’s a win-win and these bracelets are a great gift for a great cause.”

Another Bella’s Closet brand using style and function to bring about change in the world is Pura Vida Bracelets®, an initiative to bring jobs and prosperity to underserved Costa Rican villages. Pura Vida means “pure life” in Spanish; it’s a philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life’s simple treasures. To date, Pura Vida supports over 150 artisans worldwide while providing a stylish reminder to everyone in Central Valley to embrace the Pura Vida message of slowing things down, celebrating good fortune and refusing to take anything for granted.

Comfort and Confidence
“I have so much fun socializing and helping customers at my store,” Alycia revealed. “Clothes shopping is such a personal experience and I am honored to be a part of it. I want all of my customers to not only feel welcome when they come to Bella’s Closet, but I want them to leave feeling confident because they just found something that makes their heart happy. If they leave my shop eager to wear their new purchase, then I’ve done my job right.” ■

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