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Doors Plus: Anything Is Possible in Designing Your Home

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For 30 years, Doors Plus has served the California Central Valley and beyond by showcasing, selling and installing a wide array of home features. The vast showroom of this locally owned and operated business, just on the outskirts of Downtown Lodi, is a treasure trove of doors, windows, hardware and molding that provides an endless variety of the finishing touches your home needs.

The team at Doors Plus takes pride in assisting customers with selection of some of the most important elements of a home. Bring in your blueprints or send in your designer or architect, and the staff will walk through your plans, fitting each room with its perfect defining features. Exceptional customer service and representatives skilled at recognizing your design style make selecting your home’s finishing touches a breeze.

Since 1984, Doors Plus has been involved in countless construction projects and remodeling endeavors, partnering with contractors, designers and homeowners alike to bring about your ideas for creative home design.

Doors Plus Customers
What was the best part of working with Doors Plus?
Our preference is to work with local vendors. It was wonderful to have the products we wanted available in town, with a beautiful showroom with products readily available for us to touch and see personally.

How would you describe the service you received in regard to choosing the right selection of doors, windows and other features?
Everyone at Doors Plus was extremely helpful, from the selection process to measuring to the installation. It was a great team effort, and their willingness to listen helped us find the best way to implement our ideas

Would you recommend Doors Plus to family and friends?

What is one thing that you didn’t know about choosing the right designs for your home before working with Doors Plus?
We learned that almost anything and everything is possible!