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Doctors Hospital of Manteca: Advanced Healthcare Keeps Patients Close to Home

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For more than 50 years, Doctors Hospital of Manteca has provided patients in the Central Valley access to exceptional clinical care. A broad range of healthcare services and the latest advances in technology assure patients of the core values of Doctors Hospital of Manteca’s mission: “To enrich the health and lives of the patients and the community we serve.” 

Doctors Hospital of Manteca strives to offer patients state-of-the-art technology through establishing programs and partnerships that allow patients to receive the care they need without having to travel for specialized testing. “My goal is to lead Doctors Hospital of Manteca to new heights in providing the highest quality and safest care,” Brandon May, Chief Executive Officer affirmed. “We want to strategize and develop programs that will help keep patients close to home for specialized care and treatment. 

“Because Manteca is a smaller community, the ability to provide invaluable healthcare services and access to the latest in technology is vital to our mission. Doctors Hospital of Manteca has an obligation to the community to look for opportunities to bring care closer to home, especially for those basic services for any acute care hospital regardless of size,” he continued. “Partnerships and collaborations are one of the primary ways we can accomplish this in a cost-effective manner.” 

CT Scanner and MRI
Doctors Hospital of Manteca now offers a state-of-the-art 128-slice computer tomography, or CT scanner. This advanced single-source CT scanner produces images with twice the resolution and speed, which can reduce the need for potential invasive surgery, and provides patients with resources that aid in treatment options. Among its benefits, it reduces radiation exposure up to 60 percent. The new scanner also provides an additional level of comfort during a scan. “Of its many amazing features, the most pertinent to our patients includes a huge bore, which allows increased comfort for patients of all shapes and sizes as well as those who suffer from claustrophobia. In addition, the advanced dose has been reduced by 40 to 50 percent of prior-generation models and scan times are reduced by over 60 percent,” confirmed Brandon. These increased capabilities of interventional radiology procedures contribute to assisting with stroke evaluation/neuroprofusion, CTA procedures and CTA cardiac exams. “We are able to do more for our patients while reducing the time to complete scans and reducing radiation the patient is exposed to.” 

In addition, Doctors Hospital of Manteca upgraded its MRI equipment to offer enhanced imaging capabilities while aiding in patient comfort. “The MRI has advanced digital circuitry and wireless patient monitoring for both cardiac and respiratory patients,” Brandon noted. “Patients will be pleased to hear that their scan times have been reduced by approximately 20 percent and viewing resolution dramatically improved.” 

Accredited Primary Stroke Center
Patients who suffer a stroke can be assured that they can receive the care they need locally, thanks to Doctors Hospital of Manteca’s accreditations that further solidify the fast response patients receive. DHM holds an Advanced Certification as a Primary Stroke Center, earning The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Heart-Check mark. The hospital recently earned the Get with The Guidelines – Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award. “Our emergency room has always been able to receive emergent stroke patients for immediate treatment; however, we have taken additional measures to create a more comprehensive care environment for emergent stroke patients,” Brandon reported. 

Teleneurology Program
In the event of a stroke, time is of the utmost importance. Every second that goes by after a patient suffers a stroke contributes to the probability of irreversible damage to the brain. To provide the highest level of care for patients who have suffered a stroke or other neurological issues, Doctors Hospital of Manteca has developed an advanced teleneurology program. This program was made possible through a partnership with the University of California, San Francisco; it allows physicians to consult in real time with a remote neurologist via a dedicated computer link with UCSF on a computer that travels with physicians from room to room. “Doctors Hospital of Manteca has taken significant measures for our community to ensure that we can be a first point of acute care for patients suffering from a stroke. By maintaining the standards of a Primary Stroke Center, we are held to higher standards such as quicker response times. This allows us to keep our patients close to home near their support system,” confirmed Brandon.  

 The mission of Doctors Hospital of Manteca centers around offering excellent healthcare that meets the needs of patients in an environment that fosters collaboration through a variety of options. Through advanced technology and partnerships that leverage some of the brightest minds in medicine, Doctors Hospital of Manteca is proud to offer patients in the Central Valley excellent healthcare close to home.

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